Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1984

Game of the Month


J. D. Casten

A BASIC text adventure with a science-fiction theme.  The program requires 16K for cassette and 24K for disk, and runs on all Atari computers.  Antic Disk subscribers, RUN "D:ADVENTX5.BAS"

You're the sole crew member aboard the Advent X-5, a space ship designed to transport small animals.  Your most recent mission was to take some animals to a planet called Klybex-6 to test their reactions to its thick atmosphere and low gravity But on the way to Klybex-6, a meteor storm forced you to crash-land the Advent X-5 on Klybex-7.
   You're now stranded on the ship, and must get to the emergency shuttle craft and blast off to the nearest star base ...
   Type in the listing, check it with TYPO, and SAVE an extra backup copy.  When you RUN it, you'll see the game menu:
   1. Play Game-Plays game currently in memory-picks up where you left off.
   2. Load Game-Recall a previous game from disk or cassette.
   3. Save Game-Save the current game to disk or cassette.
   4. New Game-Restart old game from the beginning.
   5. Quit Game-Exit from the program.
   To return to the menu during game play, enter QUIT or SAVE.  There are no prompts for Load and Save game.  If you're using disk, the program uses the filename "ADVENTX5.DTA".  If you're using cassette, the computer beeps once for Load and twice for Save.  Prepare your recorder, then press [RETURN].
   During the adventure, use simple noun-verb phrases to accomplish tasks.  Examples are GET DISK, GO NORTH (can be abbreviated to N), and ENTER DOOR.  Directions can usually be abbreviated.  You can (and sometimes must) also refer to containers, such as PUT HAT IN BOX, or TAKE SYRINGE FROM CABINET.  Good luck!
   NOTE: Please don't call Antic for the solution, but we can assure you that there is one.

J. D. Casten is the author of one of Antic's most popular games ever "Risky Rescue" in the April 1984 issue He has been programming in BASIC since age 13, and is currently writing assembly language games for the commercial market.

Listing 1: ADVENTX5.BAS Download