Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 6 / OCTOBER 1984



In July's Help! section, there is an error regarding the program for "Math Wizard," (Antic, April 1984).  As noted in July, there is an error in line 50 of the program listing, the 17th character should be an inverse-video zero instead of the capital letter O. If you put in this correction, the TYPO Table will read as published.  However, if you copied the original error (corrected above) the code letters at line ranges 5 through 60 will be CH rather than GA.


The renumbering utility in the July 1984 issue (Spaced Out Numbers) has a slight bug.  Surprisingly, it works fine on the XL's, but will not recognize line numbers over 10,000 on the older Atari 400's and 800's.  The fix, for non-XL owners only, is to change line 31040 as follows:

31040 D=INT(VAL(C$)/INT(100^
The only addition is the +1.0E-3.
Tom Anderson
Chicago, IL


The article "The Care and Feeding of Floppy Disks" (Antic, August 1984, page 90), states that you cannot format the back sides of disks on a Rana disk drive without punching an extra timing hole.  Similarly, the table (page 80) accompanying the disk drive survey in the same issue indicates that you cannot format the back sides of disks with a Rana.  This is incorrect; the back sides of all disks can be readily formatted with the Rana drive.


There is an error in the instructions for AMODEM, (Antic, July 1984, page 21).  In the procedure for R-Receive (and others that include specifying filenames), do not include quotes when you type in filenames.


I ran "Escape from Epsilon" on my 1200XL and all I get is an orange screen with a grey colored bar on the left side of the monitor screen.  What is the problem?
Vytas Banionis
Los Angeles, CA
This problem, as well as quite a few other errors, plagued a number of readers attempting to run "Escape." We typed in the program from the magazine itself.  The TYPO Table matched and the program ran as it was supposed to, so we know the program runs as published.  There are no errors in the program, and many who initially had problems entering the program have succeeded in getting it to run properly.
   However in Line 500, POKE 559,0 turns the screen off, so if an error is generated while the screen is blank, you can't see it.  Try changing the 0 to a 34. This will allow you to see the screen and watch your progress. -ANTIC ED


In a recent issue, you stated that "the MPP-1150 printer interface could be used with all models." Actually, if you own a 1200XL, you must buy the MPP-1150XL interface, for the same price ($99-95).
Michael Keylin
Brooklyn, NY
The MPP-1150 works with all Atari models (including the 600XL and 800XL) except the 1200XL.  If you own at 1200XL and have bought an MPP-1150, return it to Microbits for a free exchange. -ANTIC ED


There are two errors in one program line in "Logic According to Boole" (Antic, August 1984).  Line 30 on page 51, which is the last line on the page, should read:

30 Y=Y+(INT(S/4)*4=S-I)*(Y<19)(INT(S/2)=S/2)*(Y>0)

Note that the penultimate operator is *, not -, and that there is only one final right parenthesis.


In the June 1984 article on Player/Missile Tanks, (page 53), line 1310 contains a character that looks like a semicolon. it's actually a colon.


The article "Do More with DOS 2.0" (Antic, August 1984, page 31), describes how to enhance DOS 2.0 to use with an Atari 1050 disk drive for increased disk storage capacity.  Disks formatted with the revised DOS are not compatible with existing sector-copier programs for DOS 2.0, such as SCOPY 810.  If you copy an "enhanced-density" DOS 2.0 disk with one of these utilities, it will only copy the first 720 sectors, and DOS won't be able to access the remaining sectors on the copy.  The only way to copy files with the modified DOS 2.0 is with the DOS menu's C function for multiple-drive systems, or the O function for single-drive systems.  Also, sectors on disks created this way still only contain 128 bytes each-but there are more of them.


One of the BBS telephone numbers in "Let's Play Password," (Antic, August 1984) is incorrect.  The correct telephone number for the Courtyard BBS is (312) 668-6272.


There is a typographical error in our August 1984 issue in the article "Do more with DOS2," pages 32.  Under Step 1, there is a line of instructions that starts XI0.  This should read XIO.  That's a capital X, a capital I and a capital O, not a zero.


In the April 1984 issue, "Update Disks with Note and Point" has an error.  Lines 410, 440, 470, 500, and 530 should each begin INLEN=LEN(USER$).
E.A. Hargrove
Clute, TX