Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 6 / OCTOBER 1984


Dramatic changes are now being made at the Atari Corp. by its new owners.  And Antic Magazine, the #1 publication for Atari computer users, is. taking major steps to become the central clearinghouse of information for our readers. .

Antic already has an active notefile on Plato.  We're investigating ways to start a special bulletin board for users groups.
   This new BBS would organize regular nationwide users group teleconferences.  It would set up product surveys by user group members, allowing Antic to print super-accurate product ratings.  And it would generally fill the vacuum by providing a clearinghouse for national users groups.

Right now it's becoming harder for small independent manufacturers to profitably market Atari software and peripherals.  Antic is preparing to offer readers selected products directly by mail.
   All Antic subscribers will be mailed our latest catalogs, and other readers may send in requests for a catalog.  Each issue of Antic will also feature our latest direct-mail offers.

We're trying to contact all authors of software formerly marketed by the Atari Program Exchange.  Please get in touch with the Antic Catalog Manager so that we can make your programs available again-in fact ALL THIRD PARTY VENDORS who want Antic to distribute your products should contact our Catalog Manager.

Antic has made a number of significant improvements that come together in this issue.  We now offer a magazine + disk package that lets you use all the programs in the issue immediately without tedious typing.  We're making typing easier too-with all the listings together in a special section that can be easily removed from the magazine and laid flat in a binder.  And Antic's low-priced series of public domain disks and cassettes is growing dramatically every month.
   Coming soon will be an improved TYPO program that alerts you to mistakes in each program line as you type it.  Also the long-awaited monthly directory of worldwide computer pen-pals will shortly become a reality.

All the advance information Antic has uncovered convinces us that great days are ahead for Atari.  We think that a ton of 800XLs will be sold in coming months-at prices significantly below the Commodore 64.
   And we expect that in only a few months Atari will unveil the most advanced home computer ever.
   Meantime, during this confused time for Atari computer users, Antic is the source you can count on for the most complete information about what's going on inside Atari.  Right now we can tell you that virtually all the advertisers you regularly see in the magazine are going to continue to produce products supporting the Atari.

Let your computer accessory retailers know that you're still in the market for Atari add-on products.  If you can't find the software or peripherals that you're interested in at local stores, contact the manufacturers directly.  Use the phone numbers you'll regularly find in Antic and let the companies know you read about their products in this magazine.

James Capparell