Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 12 / APRIL 1985



New electronic Antic on CompuServe
Antic Associate Editor

The leading edge of electronic publishing is now online for Atari users. Log onto Antic Online on CompuServe and help make history by adding your interactive feedback to the world's first Atari-only electronic magazine.
  Antic Online has unique and exciting features we think you'll really enjoy. You'll find:

  • Latest Atari News
  • Weekly Product Survey
  • Letters To The Editor
  • Index To Back Issues
  • Product Review Library
  • Antic Coming Attractions
  • Users Group Directory
  For information on subscribing to the CompuServe Information Service (CIS), call (800) 848-8199, or in Ohio (614) 457-0802.
  Once you've logged onto CompuServe, simply type GO ANTIC to reach Antic Online. You do NOT pay any extra Compuserve fees for accessing the Antic Electronic Edition.
  Immediately following the Opening Screen you'll see a What's New screen. This display can guide you quickly to sections of Antic Online where important new files have just been added.
  What's New on Antic Online could be an exclusive interview with a top Atari newsmaker, the latest upcoming products we've seen at Antic, or any other fastbreaking Atari news.
  Following these initial screens, you'll find the Main Menu. And in case you lose your way as you start moving around Antic Online, you'll see HELP on every section menu. On-screen command prompts throughout Antic Online also make navigation simple.
  For your first time online, Antic Central (Selection 1) is a good place to start. There you'll see a description of what you can find in the electronic edition and the essential directions for getting around.
  Antic Central also contains a continuously updated compilation of the Error Log which appears in the magazine. You can find out if there are any problems with Antic listings long before these corrections can appear in print.
  Online I/O Board is your opportunity to make your views known to Antic editors. Also you can read the editorial responses to selected letters-our top priority here will be anwering questions that can help many Antic readers.
  Back Issue Guide is an index of the contents of every Antic Magazine since we started publishing in April 1982.
  Antic Authors Wanted displays topics for programs or articles that the magazine currently seeking. Also there's a complete Author's Guide that describes the pay rate and how to submit your material.
  The second Main Menu category is Product Information. This area includes the unique Weekly Users Survey-which lets you vote electronically on the usefulness and cost effectiveness of recently released products. You'll be able to look at the voting results online and in Antic Magazine. For the first time, your voice will be heard providing important feedback for manufacturers of Atari products.
  The Antic Review Archive features our latest reviews of important products. These reviews are uploaded as soon as written-often months before these reviews can appear in print! Also included is the magazine's 1984 Buyers Guide. All reviews are arranged chronologically within a sub-menu of product categories.
  In the Coming Attractions section, Next Month In Antic gives you an early look at what the upcoming issue of the magazine will cover. Also, Sneak Previews offers self-contained excerpts of major Antic articles before they appear in the magazine.
  With the Enter SIG *Atari section, you can move directly into the Atari Special Interest Group. This is the largest Atari users' group, accessed by 6,000 people and featuring hundreds of public domain programs you can download.
  The Worldwide Users Network contains a directory showing you where to find your closest Atari Users Group that has joined the Worldwide Users Group Network (WUN). There's also an Events Calendar that tells you about upcoming local presentations of WUN users groups.
  Pals Directory, in this section, is the long-demanded exchange for Atari owners who wish to make contact with others sharing their interests.
  Finally, Antic Online News is the last word for information about the Atari world. The Special Exclusives are the newest and most significant news dispatches for Atari users!  Permission to reprint these articles is granted ONLY to newsletters of users groups that have joined WUN.
  The chronological library of previous and special-appeal news files can be accessed in Online News Bulletins.
  Antic's editors look forward to chatting electronically with many of you readers. See you online!

Free introductory subscriptions to CompuServe and the Dow Jones News Retrieval Service are yours, when you purchase the Atari 1030 modem from. Antic for $79.95- instead of the suggested retail price of $199.95.
  One of the most sophisticated 300 baud modems on the market, the 1030 .comes with software that lets you network with Atari bulletin boards anywhere and download thousands of free programs from CompuServe with only a phone call. See the order coupon in this issue.