Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 11 / MARCH 1985

bonus game
bonus game - ZURK



Enter the laserfighting event of the Zurkian Olympics! Only the winner of the first-place Aluminum Medal of Zurk survives. This fast-moving joystick BASIC game runs on any Atari computer.

Your space garbage scow crash-landed on the planet Zurk and you have been forced to sign up for the Zurkian Olympics. You are entered in the 18-round Laserfighting event... and there is no second place!
  The arena is a rectangle surrounded by fatal laser barriers, with equally fatal laser obstacles scattered inside. For the first six rounds, you are shooting it out with a Zurkian Laserfighter dressed in black.
  In the second six-round level, you must not only shoot the Zurk-you also have to grab the Zurkian Olympic Star before the timer runs out. The referees penalize failure with vaporization.
  For the final six rounds, after you pick up the star it explodes into small Zurkian Olympic Pests which you must pick up before time runs out. After completing all three levels, the doors of the arena open and you emerge victorious.
  Luckily you get four tries at the Aluminum Medal of Zurk. You also receive an extra try for every 2,000 points you earn.
Type in the program, check it with TYPO II, and SAVE it to disk or cassette before you RUN it.

Michael Krueger and John Settles live in Vermillion, South Dakota when they are not visiting the planet Zurk.

Program Listing:   ZURK.BAS Download