Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 11 / MARCH 1985

Game of the month
Game of the month--THIEF



A scrolling graphics maze adventure. Pilot a spaceship through dangerous caverns to recover stolen treasure. The BASIC program runs on all Atari computers.

You are a daring space pilot who has flown your explorer craft into the deadly caves where stolen treasures from your planet were hidden many centuries ago.
  Type in the listing, check it with TYPO II, and SAVE it to disk or cassette before you RUN it.

Your fuel tank can only hold 1,000 energy units. Therefore, along with recovering treasures, you also want to pick up energy cubes for a 500-unit recharge. Picking things up is accomplished simply by touching them. You must pick up a treasure before you can get to the next screen.
  Just for a change, there's nothing chasing you or shooting at you down here. However...if you bump into one of the large, jagged rocks or run out of energy your ship will explode.
  And if you brush against any of the surfaces of the cave, you lose 50 energy units. You're also sucked back to the left side of the screen which is a problem because-you can ONLY exit the screen from the right.

The gravity becomes heavier after every five screens. However, picking up a treasure turns off the gravity for a while-as well as giving you 1,000 points. You also get score points for picking up energy cubes, having leftover energy when you finish a screen, and simply staying alive...

Max Langert, 13, lives in Oakland and may well be the youngest game programmer Antic ever published.
Program Listing:   THIEF.BAS Download