Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 10 / FEBRUARY 1985



If you're having trouble saving your game (November 1984) to cassette, change line 4005 to read:

4005 IF PEEK(195)=130 THEN TRAP 4010: I$ ='C: ":GOTO L

Again, this is for cassette owners only!


Despite a few letters mentioning problems with binary load files in the September issue of Antic, (Olympic Dash, Price's Painter and Fader), these programs run as published.
  But new XL computer owners should note: If you only have the dreaded DOS 3, we suggest you obtain DOS 2.0S from almost any of the Antic Public Domain disks.  DOS 3 owners should keep in mind the problems of incompatibility with other DOS'S.  It's not difficult to transfer programs from DOS 2 to DOS 3, but it is difficult moving in the other direction.


There is a missing piece of data in the program "Adventure Island" on page 56 of our November 1984 issue.  Line 837 should read:

837 DATA CYBERNETIC TANk,999,0,6,50,


Here is a bug I found in "Exploring the XL," (Antic, June 1984).  There was a misprinted inverse video zero.  In line 230, what appears as inverse "Or" should instead read inverse "0r", replacing the capital O with a zero.
Peter Homann
Victoria, Australia