Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 10 / FEBRUARY 1985


Antic is now on CompuServe!  The magazine has its own section on the highly visible and active Atari Special Interest Group (SIG).

Simply log onto CompuServe and type GO PCS-132 for the Atari SIG, and follow the instructions for logging onto the Antic area.
  Or type GO ANTIC to log directly onto the Antic Electronic Edition.  Once you're there you will find:

  • Fastest, most accurate Atari news.
  • Ongoing user opinion surveys.
  • Product review archives.
  • Previews of upcoming Antic issues.
  • Excerpts from important articles.
  • Events calendar of user group programs.
  • Antic reader feedback.
  • HELP! error corrections on-line right away
  Antic editors will be on-line regularly to respond to your notes and pass along the very latest Atari information.

For example: As you read this, the Las Vegas Winter Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be the hottest topic for Atari fans.  This is the forum where Jack Tramiel has promised to introduce the new line of Atari computers.
  Your local newspaper won't carry many details of the Atari developments, and the computer magazines can't bring you full information until months later.  But now ... Antic on CompuServe will file authoritative on-the-scene Atari reports every night during the CES.
  On CompuServe, Antic Magazine has opened up interactive two-way communication with our readers.  YOU are invited to participate.  All it takes is a CompuServe subscription, your interest in the best personal computer, and a modem!

We are continuing our active Antic Magazine notesfile on Plato, along with the new Antic presence on CompuServe.  Control Data's Plato is still unmatched for on-line interactive learning, conferencing and graphics -we'll maintain a regular presence there too. (See "Plato Rising" in Antic, July 1984 for an overview.)
  In fact, as we printed in the December, 1984 issue (page 9), the long-awaited Atari Learning Phone Cartridge that hooks you up to Plato is due to start arriving in your local stores around the end of this month.  Keep watching Antic on CompuServe for latest details!

James Capparell

This month's Antic cover was created on a Genigraphics 100D computer graphics system by Wes Jenkins, Assistant Art Director of Information Graphics, Information Technology Services of Stanford University.