Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 10 / FEBRUARY 1985



Exchange international money like a seasoned traveler.  Currency Changer is a BASIC program that runs on all Atari computers of any memory size.

Converting Greek drachmas into Irish punts and then to Chinese renminbis is easy if you’re an international banker-or if you have Currency Changer running on your Atari.
  This easy-to-use BASIC program takes the confusion out of buying and selling foreign currency.  So you'll be all set when you prepare for that trip to Europe, or mail a check for some exotic overseas merchandise.
  Current exchange rates are listed daily in your local newspaper.  Type in the numbers for the country or countries you are interested in.  The program will compute the amount of one currency needed to buy a specified amount of another.


Using TYPO II to check each line, type in Currency Changer and SAVE it.  When you RUN the program, you’ll first select a choice: convert home currency to foreign, foreign to home, or convert between two foreign exchange rates.
  For instance, you might wish to change U.S. dollars to Tanzanian schillins.  Choose option one, home to foreign conversion.  At the prompts, input the names of the two countries.  You'll he asked for the current exchange rate of the schillins to the dollar, input .25-one quarter of a dollar equals one schillin.
  Currency Changer includes 44 countries.  If this is not enough, you could adjust the program lines beyond 2000.  Let's say you’re going to visit the Great Underground Empire.  Change one of the countries in the data statements to GUE, and type in the name of tile local currency, Frobozz.  RUN the program again.

10        Dimensions string variables
100-220   Title page with graphic and sound routines
230-330   Information and instructions to user
340-400   Presents choices on how User wants calculations to be done
410-420   Sound routine
440-520   Sound routine
525-660   Subroutine to set up countries list
670-800   Requests input of countries
810-900   Request input of exchange rates and currency amount
910-1020  Calculations routine and Prints results
1030-1170 Asks if user wants different countries or new amounts
1990-2080 Data statements

John Goolevitch and Warwick Wakeman hail from British Columbia, Canada.  John is an Atari programmer, and Wakeman is a regular international contributor to Antic.

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