Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 1 / APRIL 1984

new products

(educational program)
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.
1250 Sixth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101
(800) 543-1918
In California, call collect: (619) 699-6335
48K diskette

No computer experience is necessary to use Computer Preparation for theSAT, a complete learning system that helps students raise their actual SAT scores. The user's strengths and weaknesses in 15 areas of ability are diagnosed. The program also outlines appropriate drills and review, lessens test anxiety and improves test-taking skills.

(educational program)
Scarborough Systems, Inc.
25 N. Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591
(800) 882-8222
48K -- diskette $39.95

Would-be Mozarts and McCartneys will have fun with Songwriter, a program for beginning to advanced musicians that makes it possible to compose music or learn music theory. Songs and musical ideas can be composed in seconds, stored on disk, edited and transposed. A free connector cable for home stereo use is also included.

Micro Lab
2699 Skokie Valley Rd.
Highland Park, IL 60035
(312) 433-7550
16K -- diskette

According to the F.B.I., art theft is on the rise. If you, too, wish to engage in a bit of tasteful thievery, your safest option is to play The Heist. Join forces with the world's greatest super-agent, and this game of espionage will lead you through 96 museum rooms that are booby-trapped with perils. The object of your quest is a top-secret microfilm, which is hidden within an art object.

(chess computer)
SciSys Computer Inc.
359 E. Beach St.
Inglewood, CA 90302
(213) 673-9500

Checkmate can be achieved on the run when your travelling companion is Travel Mate, a sensor-type, portable chess computer. Its built-in Memory Mode enables it to be turned on or off at any time, for up to one year while fully retaining the current board position. Four adjustable levels of play are possible. A buzzer indicates if an illegal move has been made.

(drive cleaner)
1407 N. Providence Rd.
P.O. Box 6021
Columbia, MO
(314) 443-0941

If you would rather not use an alcohol-laden cleaning stick to clean your disk drive, Clean Runner may come as a welcome answer to the problem of drive-head maintenance. This interactive disk drive cleaner has been designed to lead the computer user through the cleaning process step by step, and is said to safely and efficiently clean disk drive heads while avoiding problems associated with contamination.

(educational program)
Monarch Data Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 207
Cochituate, MA 01778
(617 877-3457)
24K -- diskette $29.95

SofToy's ringing bells, bouncing balls and hooting owls gently introduce children over two years of age to letters, numbers, spatial relations and elementary programming concepts. Even older members of the family may enjoy the program's "match game," and the program's colorful interactive display invites young children to explore the keyboard and make things happen.

(optical scanner)
Databar Corp.
10202 Crosstown Circle
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(612) 944-5700

We're all familiar with the optical scanners used in supermarkets -- now, OSCAR brings bar-code reading into the home. This revolutionary device allows you to quickly easily and flawlessly enter bar-coded, printed programs into your computer with no need for key-board entry. The premier issue of Databar, The Monthly Bar-Code Soft- ware Magazine, is included in the price of the scanner.

(security device)
PICOtronics, Inc.
820 E. 47th B-lO
Tucson, AR 85713
(800) 431-5007

Data Defender is an electronic burglar alarm designed to safeguard computers and peripherals. Its control module and pressure-sensitive mat combine forces to sound an alarm if equipment is removed from the mat. In addition, up to 1O pieces of equipmtent call be protected by a mat-linking feature that lowers the cost per unit.

Omnitrend Software
8 Huckleberry Lane
West Simsbury,CT 06092
(203) 658-6917
48k diskette

What's a starship captain to do without his hyperspace booster? You must help him track it down in Omnitrend's Universe, a tactical-strategic adventure game that incorporates 3-D graphics and many custom displays. The program's easal-style binder holds game instructions, quick-reference cards and four distribution diskettes. Also included is a free membership to Omnitrend's Universe Bulletin Board, Which furnishes information on updates, new products and game strategies.

(educational program)
285 Riverside Ave.
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 222-1000
48k -diskette

The basics of BASIC are explored in this tutorial, which encourages the beginner to design programs, trace their flow and detect programming errors. Its BASIC Design Tool feature allows you to "walk" through programs at your own pace, line by line, so that you can better understand their workings and find your mistakes.

Computer Case Co.
5650 Indian Mound Ct.
Columbus, OH 43213
(800) 848-7548

If you can't leave home without your computer, tote it alone in the Trav-L-Case. Its plywood sides are covered with scuff-resistant vinyl and reinforced with metal edges and corners, and its handle and interior are both well-padded with foam. When ordering, be sure to specify which Atari computer you own.

(educational program)
Compu-Tations, Inc.
P.O. Box 502
Troy,MI 48009
(313) 689-5059
48k - diskette

Teachers and students alike will benefit from Multiple Choice Files, which require no programming knowledge. Written for elemetary school through college levels, this very friendly program allows you to create, store, retrieve, revise and review multiple choice tests. Guided instructions are easy to understand and follow.

(graphics utility)
Xlent Software
PO. Box 5228
Springfield, VA 22150
48k - diskette
Add $2.O0 for shipping and handling

Written for use Prowriter, NEC or Epson (with Graftrax) printers, this utility is said to make your printer fully compatible with your computer. All control and inverse characters can be listed to the printer in any of the nine fonts provided, and original fonts can be created with any font editor. Also, Graphics 8 screens can be dumped to the printer in three different sizes.

(reference book)
Macmillan Publishing Co.
866 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 702-4212
hardcover -- $19.95
paperback -- $10.95

This guide to online databases analyzes, evaluates and provides access information for more than 1000 databases that covrer fifty areas of interest. In addition, helpful tips on how to choose modems, software and database vendors are included in this 304-page catalog, which was edited by Mike Edelhart and Owen Davies.

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