Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 1 / APRIL 1984



In the February 1984 issue (ANTIC. page 8, I/O Board), we described a way to save pictures drawn with Koalapad and Micro Illustrator in a standardized format that is compatible with other drawing programs (such as Micro-Painter). We also noted that there is a way to load such pictures into Micro Illustrator, but that it didn't work when we tried it. However, we've since discovered that you can load and use a standard-format picture if you refrain from using the icon menu.

To save a picture in standard format, insert a disk with at least 62 free sectors, and press [INSERT] on the keyboard while the picture is being displayed. The picture will be saved as a file named PICTURE. To load the file (or any standard-format picture file, if you first rename it to PICTURE with DOS), press [CLEAR] while the drawing screen displays, rather than the icon menu.


"Atari and the Epson" (ANTIC, page 65, January 1984) pointed out some very useful techniques. However, I also discovered a few inaccuracies. First, I must disagree with Mr. MacKay's claim that superscripts aren't available if you use his technique with the Atari Word Processor and the Epson.

Superscripts can be used with this sequence of keystrokes: [CTRL INSERT] [ESC] [S] [CTRL INSERT] [CTRL ,]. They can be turned off with [ESC] [T], not [CTRL] [H] as specified in the article. Also, instead of using the suggested [ESC] [@] to turn off the underline, use [CTRL INSERT] [ESC] [-] [CTRL INSERT] [CTRL ,]. In both of these cases, MacKay seems to confuse the character 0 (zero) with the ATASCII code O, which is represented by [CTRL] [,].

The sequence for turning on the underline feature is also incomplete. The proper sequence is: [CTRL INSERT] [ESC] [-] [CTRL INSERT] [CTRL A]. To turn on the doublewidth feature, use [CTRL INSERT] [ESC] [W] [CTRL INSERT] [CTRL A]. To turn it off, use [CTRL ,], not [CTRL A]. Double width remains in effect until you turn it off, not just for one line as MacKay states.

The article prompted me to try every conceivable control code, and I've yet to find one that cannot be used in this manner. By the way please pass my name and address along to your readers. I'm anxious to correspond with other ANTIC readers about computer topics.

Julio Trujillo
103-695 W. 17th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada V5Z 1T7


The phone number listed for the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in your August 1983 issue (Get Your Head Straight," page 68) is incorrect. The number given in the article reaches a private residence. The correct number is (213) 709-8440.

Richard Luxbacber
Newport, PA

Thank you for pointing out our error. Our apologies to all concerned. --ANTIC ED


There are two minor errors in the listing for "Typer's Toolbox" (ANTIC, page 75, January 1984). They produce a different TYPO table than the published table, but do not prevent the program from running properly.

Line 30160 has an extra space immediately following the right parenthesis in '(no lines lost); and line 30390 has an extra space immediately following the comma in 'ANY line range may be specified,: If you remove both of these spaces, the program will generate the proper TYPO table. This will also generate the proper format of the printed line during the run of the program.

HELP! Yourself

Atari maintains toll-free telephone assistance numbers in the continental U.S.
hours (Pacific Standard Time)
7 a.m. to 11 a.m.
noon to 4: p.m.
Within California call
(8OO) 672-1404
Elsewhere dial
(800) 538-8543


What happened to the robotics articles by Evan Rosen? I'm sure that I'm just one of thousands of ANTIC readers who bought a servo kit and put it together as described in the January issue (ANTIC. "Has Your Robot Hugged You Today!", page 38). 1 expected that, as promised, the series would continue in the February issue. Imagine my surprise, and consternation, at finding no continuation in the February issue, and no explanation for this. I feel that I have a right to an answer.

Ken Hecker
Fullerton, CA

Several factors --some beyond our control -- prevented us from continuing Rosen's series on robotics in the February issue. As a result, the next installment in the series will not apear until June. We apologize for any inconvenience that this interruption has caused our readers. --ANTIC ED


There is an error in the listing for "Road Race" (ANTIC, page 97, January 1984). The end of the second physical line of line 380 should read "? SCR': not " S CR". Also, to keep the screen from changing colors after nine minutes of play add line 286 as follows:

286 POKE 77,0

Ray Rrown
Broken Arrow, OK


There are several errors in the "Disk Label Printer" listing and article in the January 1984 issue of ANTIC. First, as mentioned in the article, CHR$(0) should be appended to line 37 for condensed mode. The next two corrections apply to the conversion of the program for use with 3 1/2" labels. Instead of changing the 40 in line 137 to 32, change it to 30. Also, change the 4 in line 314 to 3.

If you're using a Gemini 10X printer, you'll need to adjust the line spacing. Change the 18 in line 33 to 12.

Chuck Reed
Emerado, ND