Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 4 / JULY 1983


One of the major problems with the new Atari 1200 computer is lack of compatibility with certain existing programs. For instance, neither the Atari Word Processor, LJK's Letter Perfect, nor Datasoft's Text Wizard work on the 1200. An article in Ad Astra, the Journal of the Atari Microcomputer Net Amateur Radio Operator User's Group, mentions a possible solution to the problem. Stace, in his article "Test Driving the New Atari 1200XL" suggests copying the 800's OS to disk, then loading it into the 1200XL's RAM in the OS address space.

As you may know, it is possible to define the upper memory of the 1200 as ROM (i.e, the 1200S OS is in effect), or as RAM. If bit 0 of location $D301 (hex) is set to 0, then the OS is disabled and you have access to 64K of RAM. Therefore, it would be necessary to have a loader program present in RAM that could disable ROM and then load the new OS. If any of our more courageous readers are willing to undertake such a project, we will make it worth your while. Whoever first submits a working solution to this problem by U.S. mail will receive a software prize.