Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 4 / JULY 1983


Microscreens is a new "column" in ANTIC, intended to showcase the artistic accomplishments created by our readers with the ATARI. The column was stimulated by our receipt of a disk full of images made by Ralph Iskaros with Micropainter (DataSoft).

Ralph, an accountant and former football plaver, apparently did not think of himself as an artist, but just did the screens for fun. We were so impressed, we asked him to submit more screens on a continuous basis, as a start for the column. He also agreed to help us coordinate and improve the column as the months go by, and disqualified himself from our cover contest, since it might appear that he had an unfair advantage. We welcome all of your efforts at computer art, and will publish a few of the best each month. Submissions should be on media (which we will return, if accompanied by a postage-paid return mailer). A short description of special techniques used to make the picture may be published, if appropriate. Contributors whose work is published will be compensated at our standard "art" rates.