Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 4 / JULY 1983

In the Public Domain

Stunt Clown

by John Magdziarz

Welcome to the 17th annual Stunt Clown competition. You have been chosen from among all the finalists to participate in the most dangerous stunt of the competition. Your part in this event is to help Fearless Freddy pop balloons that are floating above the circus floor. To do this you must maneuver a trampoline under Freddy so that he can make enough successful jumps to pop all the balloons. But, WATCH OUT!. The demented Dr. Norton has his own plans for this event. Since he is the present record holder for the Stunt Clown competition, he will go to any length to keep his record . . . and he has. The evil doctor has arranged for an unlimited supply of balloons to be released, and from time to time he will magically shrink the trampoline.

Victory and Freddy's health rest in your hands. The unsuspecting crowd cheers as the rigmaster appears and shouts, "Let the stunts begin!".

About the Game

Stunt Clown is a one-player game using a Joystick in Port One. To start the game and launch a clown, press the trigger. The trampoline is moved left and right with the Joystick. Each new game starts with three Stunt Clowns. An extra Stunt Clown is awarded every 500 points. Allowing a clown to hit the ground disqualifies that clown from the competition. When all but seven of the balloons are popped, a new lot is released and your trampoline is shortened. The game ends when you have no clowns left.

Program Description

Lines 110-300: Joystick read and collision checking
Lines 310-340: Balloon pop routine
Lines 360-370: Extra clown check
Lines 430-450: Fallen clown Routine
Lines 460-510: Game end sequence
Lines 520-600: Paddle size change
Lines 610-660: Title page set up
Lines 670-760: Variable initializations
Lines 770-830: Machine language character set move routine
Lines 840-960: Redefine characters
Lines 970-1130: Screen data and display
Lines 1140-1160: Ambulance sound routine

Changable Parameters

To change number of clowns: Variable CL in line 1070

To change balloons left before round change: Variable BAL In line 340

To change points needed to get extra clown: Change '490' in line 360

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