Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 4 / JULY 1983



There is an error in your HELP! section on page 10 of the May 1983 issue, regarding two disk files with the same name. Items 4 and 5 should actually read:

4. Rename the file (DOS option E) and only the first one will be renamed.

5. Go back to BASIC (DOS option B), POKE 3118,184 (back to normal), and all will be well. You will have the two files with different names now on the main disk, with the first file backed up on the second disk.

S, Kerner
Van Nuys, CA


I need both a modem and a printer. Which printer does good work on business letters and graphics! For the modem, I am considering the Hayes. Which software is available for this, that is flexible and easy to use!

Brad Wheeler
Burlington, Ontario,

The Epson printers use dot-addressable graphics, and produce correspondence-quality text output. We are unaware of the existence of any terminal software especially for the ATARI with the Hayes Smartmodem.--ANTIC ED


I love my ATARI 800, but I'm having a problem with the television screen display (see photo above). I would be grateful for your opinion and possible suggestions for help.

Jeffrey Danley
Deerfield Beach, FL

The RF switchbox which connects your computer to the antenna leads on the back of your television set may be faulty. For replacement, you might consider purchasing a switchbox at your local Radio Shack, or you can order part number CA014746 (T.V. Switch Box) from Atari. --ANTIC ED


In the article "Cbootmgr", printed in the February/March 1983 issue of ANTIC (Volume 1, Issue 6), an incorrect version of the Typo Table was included. This is the correct Typo Table for the first half of the listing, and should be substituted for the table printed on page 80 of #6.

Variable checksum = 120792     
Line num   range      Code Length 
   10-      49         DO   259
   50-      83         VJ   302
   85-      99         AI   328
  200-      301        YZ   525
  302-     1004        RN   426
 1005-     1090        EC   309
 1100-     2005        JH   300
 2006-     2090        TF   318
 2100-     2110        LZ    24


The article ATARI TERMINAL in the May issue of ANTIC contained a program, MINIATERM, that probably worked fine for most folks. However, cassette users with 40 or 48K of memory had trouble. Under these conditions, line 30 tries to dimension a string longer than allowed, and causes Error 9. The easy solution is to change the DIM BUFF$(C) in line 30 to DIM BUFF$(32767). A more elegant solution works for any configuration. Take the C=FRE(0)-100 out of line 30, and insert a new line: 25 C = FRE(0)-100:C*(C < = 32767) + 32767*(C > 32767). This sets C to either the maximum available or maximum allowed whichever is less.

William W. Hough
Wayne, PA


Your Tech Tip in the May 1983 issue (p. 97) describes how to examine a disk file using the C (Copy) function. The use of quotation marks around S: or E: as shown in your Tip does not work. When you are prompted "FROM, TO", you should type, as an example, PROGRAM.NAM,E: or PROGRAM.NAM,S:

Angelo Koudounaris
Hermosa Beach, CA

Angelo, you are absolutely right. Our sincere apologies to readers who could not get this to work. --ANTIC ED