Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 2 / MAY 1983


Attract Attack

When you can survive at Stellar Defense (ANTIC, #6) for longer than nine minutes, "attract mode" is triggered and the screen changes color and luminance. To prevent this, make the following changes:

636 IF WAVE > 0 THEN POSITION 13,15: ? "FREE HUMAN": POKE 77,0

POKE 77,0 resets attract mode with each new wave.

R.L. Morrison
Winslow, AZ

Teaching Sounder

I loved Sounder from ANTIC #6, and eagerly look forward to PILOT in each issue.

In Sounder, M: statement (line 530) you are not getting full use of voice 2 because your matches do not have spaces fore and aft. Try:

530 M: 5, 10, 15, 20

and listen to the difference.

Also, may I use Sounder when I am teaching PILOT? Ken Harms and ANTIC will, of course, be given full credit for it.

Thanks for your time and your enlightening articles!

Kathy Bergh
Puyallup, WA

The spaces fore and aft make PILOT search for an exact match with spaces. As originally written, the data item "15" (which turned on voice 2) actually matched against "5" and turned on voice 0 instead. The spaces prevent this partial string match.

Permission is always granted to use programs published in ANTIC for non-profit purposes. Permission to reproduce articles in club newsletters and the like in generally granted upon written request to the Editor, ANTIC.

Seeing Double

I inadvertently changed the name of one file on my disk to the exact name of another file on the same disk. I now have two files on the same disk with the same name and I am unable to access the second file. If I try to change the name or delete one of the files, both are affected. Will I ever see that second file again?

Kenneth R. Wachtel
San Francisco, CA

Follow this procedure:

1. Load file and transfer to another disk (for backup).

2. Type POKE 3118,0 [RETURN] (immediate mode, no line #).

3. Go to DOS. To proceed, press [START].

4. Delete the file (DOS option D) and only the first one will be deleted.

5. Go back to BASIC (DOS option B), POKE 3118,184 (back to normal), and all will be well. You will end up with the first file on another disk, and the second file on the original disk.

Tiny Complaint

I typed in Tiny Text (ANTIC #6) and it runs fine. My complaint is that the entered text does not display long enough in Display Mode. The program would be even better if the display didn't go to the menu so soon after the last line. How can I lengthen the time the letter stays on the screen? Also, in line 600, is the assignment P = 240 really needed twice? Since P = 240 is in line 600, is line 610 necessary? Line 670 says: GOTO 620. There is no line 620, so what is line 670's purpose?

Nancy Hamel

If you want the program to wait at the end of Display Mode, insert the following line:

845 IF 0P = 5 AND FL AND PEEK (53279) < > 6 THEN 845

To proceed, press [START].

As for your other questions, we can understand your confusion. The program was published exactly as submitted, and since it worked, we didn't examine the listing carefully. We can't explain the double assignment in line 600, but there is a "GOTO 710" at the end of line 600, so the P = 240 in line 610 is probably necessary. As for line 670, it is never executed, so there is no need for the line 620 to which it refers. This sometimes happens when programs are not thoroughly cleaned up after development.