Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 2 / MAY 1983

Antic Pix Ten Again

by David Duberman

Sierra On-Line
When in the course of amphibian events it becomes necessary to cross human paths, the going can be extremely harrowing. In Frogger you direct a small, defenseless frog across a busy highway and a canal jammed with logs and turtles. You've got to dodge the speeding motorists, hop across turtle backs and drifting logs, and finally leap to a safe alcove on the far side of the stream. Do this five times, and you start all over again--with faster cars and trickier turtles.

Final Flight
MMG Software
This is a real-time flight and landing simulator for a small plane similar to a Cessna. You're approaching the air strip, and must use your instruments and the view from your cockpit to land safely. You control pitch (angle with the ground), yaw (angle about the plane's vertical axis), and power with your joystick. You may choose flying conditions and decide whether or not to use your instruments. Overall, this is an excellent and convincing simulation.

Atari, Inc.
The beautiful garden you have tended so well is about to be invaded by all sorts of crawling, creeping nasties. First, the centipede starts snaking its way towards you from the top of the garden. You can disintegrate it one segment at a time by shooting from your position near the bottom, but there are lots of mushrooms blocking your aim. Next, the evil spider leaps at you from the side. Meanwhile, a tribe of mischievous fleas drops down from above, leaving forests of annoying mushrooms in its wake. A scorpion floats across the screen. poisoning any mushroom in its path. The action is nonstop and exhilirating, and you're guaranteed to come back for more.

Apple Panic
Broderbund Software
First of the "ladder"-type games for the ATARI, Apple Panic has established a I foothold as a perennial favorite. The I object is simply to get rid of the several' apples pursuing you about the multi-level playing field. To do this, you dig holes in the different levels with your pickaxe (press the joystick fire button), and when one of the apples gets stuck in a hole, you scurry back and bash it with your pickaxe. When you've eliminated. all the apples, faster ones appear to plague you some more.

Fort Apocalypse
Synapse Software
As an assault pilot for the Sky Dwellers, your mission is to invade Fort Apocalypse, free the enslaved masses from the dreaded Kralthans, and destroy the fortress. Flying your Rocket Copter, you must dodge or shoot down SelfPropelled Mines, Robotchoppers, and Servo-Tank Interceptors, while rescuing hostages and avoiding the walls and impact shields. To complete the game, you must thoroughly cover the eight vertically and horizontally scrolling levels.

Wizard of Wor
Roklan Software
The Wizard of Wor and his worlings pose a formidable challenge to players trapped in this maze world. Two players can cooperate or compete for points, or a player can take on the task singlehandedly. You move your worrior with a joystick, pressing the fire button to shoot at worlings you encounter. Worlings sometimes become invisible, and move much faster when they change color. The radar scanner below the maze tracks the beasts when they're invisible. The many tight turns in the mazes don't allow for maneuvering, so you need extremely quick reflexes to master this game.

Sands of Egypt
Datasoft Inc.
Lord Charles Buckingham, highly cultured explorer, is stranded in the Egyptian desert with naught but a compass. In this animated graphics adventure, you guide Lord Charles about the desert, seeking the lost pyramid wherein lies the secret treasure. Your ultimate goal is to bring this invaluable prize back to civilization, so mapping is a must. The animation takes the form of a shifting landscape when you move, and floating clouds in the sky. Sands of Egypt is a difficult but enjoyable adventure.

Castle Wolfenstein
Muse Software
This popular Apple game has recently been converted for the ATARI, and the result is exciting actionadventure. You are a prisoner of the Nazis. Armed with a pistol entrusted to you by a dying cellmate, you must find the Nazi war plans and escape the castle~-alive. In your escape, you'll move through dozens of rooms on different levels, encounter guards and SS stormtroopers, and find numerous chests. Only one of the chests contains war plans, but the rest hold extra bullets or grenades you can use to fight the Nazis. Many traps and pitfalls hinder your mission, but what fun would it be without that?

Submarine Commander
Thorn E.M.I.
This is a combination simulation and war game. Your mission is to destroy all enemy merchant shipping in the Mediterranean Sea. The sub is equipped with a map, sonar, periscope, and torpedos. You have a full instrument panel to help you evade the enemy's shells and depth charges, and to attack him undetected. Controls are: Surface, Dive, Rudder, and Neutralize Buoyancy. Submarine Commander is an extremely sophisticated simulation with the added fun of gaming excitement.

Sea Dragon
Adventure International
Your mission in Sea Dragon is to guide your submarine through mine fields and underground caverns, seeking the Master Mine whose destruction will wipe out the enemy and ensure victory for your side. On your way, you must avoid hundreds of mines, depth charges, laser bases, and supershooters planted throughout the playfield. Meanwhile, it's extremely important to monitor your air supply and rise to the surface when air is low. The journey covers 30 screens horizontally, and is divided into six distinct zones of increasing difficulty. If you're hit, you return to the beginning of the current zone.