Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 12 / MARCH 1984



I just read the January I/O Board and I wanted to let you know that I like the idea of a "Computer Pal" classified section in ANTIC. I'd like to see it broken down into sections of interest, such as adventure games, business, sports, religion, etc.

I've enclosed a graphics program that draws brick buildings and chimneys. It looks best as a subroutine, but can also be used as a program in its own right. The color in line 110 is 0 to 4, depending on the graphics mode; the boundaries are also limited by the graphics mode you use.

Listing: BRICKS.BAS Download

Steve Schehl
Mt. Healthy, OH


Can you shed some light on the future of the Atari computers, and on your plans regarding coverage of the discontinued Atari 40O/800 lines? Also, will software and peripherals for the 80O (whether made by Atari or not) continue to be available?

We don't hear much about Atari "Dowin Under" unless we happen to run across some news or hear the latest rumor that's going around.

Thank you for an excellent magazine.

Sgt. Lee Carter
Wallgrove, N.S.W.,

Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no reason at this time to doubt Atari's commitment to the home computer marketplace. James Morgan, Atari's new president and CEO, outlines this commitment in an exclusive ANTIC interview in this issue.

The 600XL and 800XL computers are currently available in the United States, and the 1450XL is scedualed to appear later this year. Only the status of the 1400XL is uncertain. And after a long and frustrating hiatus, the 850 Interface should be back on the market soon. Finally, at least in the foreseeable future, Atari users should not expect to ecounter major difficulties in finding software and peripheral devices that are compatible with the 400/800's.

ANTIC plans to continue and expand its coverage of all Atari home computers, including the 400/800 and the new XL models. We also plan to cover any other Atari products that are of interest to the home user. - ANTIC ED


Is it possible for me to correspond with people who own Atari computers -- in German, if possible. I'm 35 years old and own an Atari 400 with 48K. My hobby is computer games, but I'm also interested in programming. Excuse my English, it's not so good. With many hopes to get an answer, and many greetings from Berlin...

Siggi Puhlmann
Kienitzer Strasse 32
1000 Berlin 44
Fed. Rep. Germany


Thank you for the review of Axiom's GP-I00AT printer in the January issue of ANTIC. I'd like to add a few points to the review that may be of interest to your readers.

1) The GP-100AT has a built-in Atari interface, cable and connector, so the user does not have to buy an Atari 850 expansion box (or any other interface) to connect directly to any Atari computer.

2) The printer you reviewed was our original 30-cps model, which was supplied to ANTIC for review purposes several months ago. Since then, we've upgraded the speed of the GP-100AT to 50 cps.

3) We've introduced two new printer models, the GP-550AT dual-mode printer and the GP-700AT color printer. The GP-550AT is a multi-function unit designed for home use, and is one of the quietest impact printers on the market. The GP-700AT is a fast color printer that prints up to 25 Atari colors.

4) All of our printers are extensively supported by Axiom's exclusive Graph-AX graphics software package.

Simon J. Harrison,
Axiom Corp.
San Fernando, CA

Thank you for your additional information. We feel that the Axiom GP-100AT represents a good value, and are happy with the one we use here in the office. - ANTIC ED


Your readers may appreciate our creation, the world's most expensive microcomputer. We have embellished an Atari 1200XL with $250,000 worth of precious stones and metals. The settings contain 225 blue sapphires, 150 rubies and 150 diamonds.

Sidney Mobell
Fine Jewelry
San Francisco, CA


I'm writing in response to Randy Raymond's letter in the January 1984 issue (I/O Board). Without a doubt, Randy made a very pertinent suggestion. It's been very frustrating to me that ANTIC, which reaches so many Atari users, does not provide a way for its readers to contact each other. After all, owning a computer is not a dead-end situation. I'd like to have a "Computer Pals" section where I could share programs I've written with other ANTIC readers.

I'm not a subscriber to ANTIC, but I do read it regularly. If you decide to go ahead with some type of "Computer Pal" exchange, though, I'll definitely sign up. I then wouldn't want to chance missing a single issue. In the meantime, please use my address if you print my letter. I'd love to hear from other readers.

Robert L. Brown
P.O. Box 1387
Atascadero, CA 93423

Thanks for the input on Randy's "Computer Pals " suggestion. Don 't forget that I/O Board and other reader-response sections in ANTIC do provide our readers with a chance to communicate with one another. But we're always open to new ideas. - ANTIC ED


I have designed a GTIA program with colors and a beautiful design. You can put this program in ANTIC magazine.

5 Z=1
20 FOR I=l TO 79
50 PLOT I,190-X:DRAWTO 79-I,190-X
60 X=X+2:IF X>190 THEN X=0
70 NEXT I:Z=Z+1:GOTO 10

Masahiro Mori
Taichung, Taiwan

Listing: TAIWAN.BAS Download

Listing: TAIWAN2.BAS Download

Thank you, Masahiro. More can be found on young Mr. Mori in this month's article, "Dear ANTIC." If you want a multicolor version of his program, change line 30 and add line 35 as follows:
30 Z=Z+1:IF Z>9 THEN Z=1