Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 11 / FEBRUARY 1984


Make art with your Atari

You can create art with your Atari computer! Many techniques exist including the use of commercial products such as Micro-Painter, Graphic Master, PAINT, Fun With Art and Drawit.* Or you might wish to try typing in Keystroke Artist, a graphics-utility program that appeared in the August 1983 issue of ANTIC.

From the wonderful world of Disney and the Atari computer of Laurent Basset comes this charming image of Mickey Mouse as the "Sorcerer's Apprentice." Laurent used his knowledge of machine language and display list interrupts (along with Datasoft's Micro-Painter) to produce this microscreen. Currently a nineteen-year-old freshman at UCLA, Laurent is new to the U.S. (he immigrated from France four years ago) but not to computing (he purchased his Atari 800 three years ago). He is studying Graphic design and visual communication, and has worked on Walt Disney's "TRON" and on several projects for Atari.

"Waterfall by Pauline Murabayashi is a fine example of a microscreen created with the aid of Datasoft's Graphic Master. Its bright blue waters may have been inspired by those of her own state, Hawaii.

"Nightlife" is a sharp-eyed rendering by Michael Sharp of an unidentified American city at night. Michael hails from Coventry, Rhode Island; his microscreen could well be an idealized vision of Providence, Rhode Island's capital and hub of the state's industry and commerce.

*Micro-Painter and Graphic Master are products of DataSoft, 9421 Winnetka Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311. PAINT is a product of Atari, Inc. Fun With Art is a product of Epyx, 1043 Kiel Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. Drawit is a product of APX Atari Program Exchange), P.O. Box 3705, Santa Clara, CA 95055.