Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 11 / FEBRUARY 1984




Requires 16K cassette, 24K disk

In 1996, two years after America built its first flying saucers, the fiendishly clever warrior race from Cygnus X-l created its own new method of warfare. Their weapons: thick drops of slime contaminated with explosive space debris. The Cygnians have decided to test their new Galactic Gloop at your moonbase, and it's up to you to defend it.

After typing in the game, run TYPO to check for accuracy and SAVE a backup copy for safe-keeping. When you first RUN the game, your saucer (the first of your allotment of five) will appear at the center screen after a brief pause. Beneath you, three drops of gloop are falling; you're carrying one space mine. To stop the dangerous gloop, position your saucer beneath a falling drop with your joystick and press the fire button to deposit a space mine. The gloop explodes on impact with thle mine.

To pick up another mine, maneuver into one of the four mine shacks marked with the ANTIC logo. Proceed carefully. If you hit any walls, the crash will be fatal. When you pick up a mine, your saucer turns blue. When you deposit a mine, you hear a "WHOLP" sound. You can carry only one mine at a time, but there is an unlimited supply in the shacks. The game ends when you lose all of your saucers, or if all three ground bases are wiped out. If you hold out long enough, however, The Cygnians will give up, and you'll win.

The first wave of gloop comes three drops at a time; each of these is worth 20 points. In succeeding waves, more drops fall faster, but their point value also increases.

If you lose, the moon blows up and READY appears on the screen. To play again, type RUN and press [RETURN]. Remember, the galaxy is yours to defend.

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT!!! To run this program in a DOS system (32K or more RAM), you must type in the following before LOADing the program:

POKE 743,114:POKE 744,46 [RETURN]


Listing: GLOOPRUN.BAS Download

Listing: GLOOPXXX.BAS Download