Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 10 / JANUARY 1984




Requires 16K RAM

"Breaking the ice" is not only a social convention performed by humans - in Snowbird it's a physical nightmare, executed by a pack of water rats! The scene is a frozen lake through which the ice-hungry rodentia pick their way. Each time a rat arrives at the surface, it scurries to the nearest water hole, submerges, then gnaws up to the top again. If they aren't stopped soon, the lake will resemble swiss cheese and become a bunch of ice floes - no fun for skaters!

As the Snowbird, you must patrol the lake from atop your telephone-pole perch, and eliminate the pesky vermin. By swooping down and lighting atop a rat, you chalk up 100 points (unless it's a white rat, which is good for 1000). The rats that escape your clutches eat more holes in the ice, and this makes your task more difficult than ever. Not only do the holes provide a speedy getaway for the rats, but they also become a barrier between you and your prey. If there is a hole between you and a rat, you will find yourself merely flapping your wings until you go around it.

The fire button sends your Snowbird soaring into the sky -- and when the button is released, you elegantly dive. Be careful when diving though, because if you touch the water the game ends.

To complete each of the first four levels requires a catch of 20 rats. Higher, harder levels demand only 15. When you've amassed your quota, an ice sweeper erases all the holes, leaving you free to resume your tour of duty as Snowbird, the quintessential pest controller!

List of Varibles

HIT -- counter for number of rats caught
SCORE -- score of game
LOOK - value of new position above or below bird
SEE - value of new position of rat when being moved
HOLE - counter of number of water holes on the screen
NBIRD -- location value of bird on screen
HARD - decimal value of level of game
LEVEL -- input number by player for level of play

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