Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 10 / JANUARY 1984


Strategic Simulations, Inc.
883 Stierlin Rd., Bldg. A-200
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 964-1353
48K -- diskette

Initiate missions, challenge duels, or instigate dogfights for up to twenty planes in this game that carries you through the skies of WWI France. The stable of flyers includes historical planes or those of your own design. Can be played against the computer or other players.

(word processor)
Digital Deli
3258 Forest Gale Dr.
Forest Grove, OR 97116
(503) 627-9417
48K -- diskette
$79.00+ $3.00 for shipping and handling

Intended for both the casual and the professional writer, this word processor is specially designed for use with Epson printers that have the Graftrax Plus feature. Its four programs are: text editor, file partitioner, text formatter and format reviewer.

(keyboard protector)
Penguin Products
P.O. Box 7008
Roseville, MI 48305
(800) 732-0614

This durable shield prevents static, dust and spills from finding a home in your computer keyboard. It also doubles as an angled riser for computer or monitor, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

(printer accessory)
Renaissance technology Corp.
1070 Shary Circle
Concord, CA 94518
(415) 676-5757
Le Switch I(parallel) - $155.00
Le Switch II (serial) -- $125.00

Perform word-processing and editing tasks on a high-speed, dot-matrix printer, then - voila! - switch over to a letter-quality printer for the final document. Two printers can run on a single computer with the aid of Le Switch, which is available for both serial and parallel printers.

(printer accessory)
Paper Tractor Ltd.
One South Fairview, Unit C
Goleta, CA 93117
(805) 683-2851

Easy to use and dependable, this plastic slipcover device facilitates the feeding of letter and legal size papers through any adjustable tractor-feed printer. Other items, such as checks and invoices, can also be tucked into it. No hardware modification is required.

Micro Systems and Software, Inc.
Contact Station #22
9297 Federal Blvd., Box 307
Denver, CO 80221

In July, we published the wrong ordering address for this product, which interfaces any monaural or stereo cassette-tape recorder/player to the 400/800. Our apologies!

First Star Software Inc.
22 E. 41st St.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 532-4666
16K -- cassette and diskette - $29.95
32K -- cartridge -- $39.95

Flip -- you're a bouncing kangaroo! Flop -- you're a swinging monkey! In this game, not only do you switch off between the marsupial and the primate modes, but the 3-D playfield also alternates between right-side-up and upside-down. If you overcome the scrolling platform maze, flying nets and an angry zookeeper, you hit the big time under the Big Top.

Infocom, Inc.
55 Wheeler St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 492-1031
32K -- diskette

The first in a new series of Infocom fantasy games, Enchanter includes the basic elements that the fledgling wizard requires: introductory spells, sealed parchment from the Circle of Enchanters, and an attractive Medieval Guild directory.

Dell Publishing Co., Inc.
1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
New York, NY 1001711
(212) 605-3000
$5.95 U.S./$7.50 Canada

The Deli Computer Games series was an overnight success in England, where it was first published. The Atari version contains arcade-style games, brain teasers, puzzles, computer terms, bibliographies, and music - all in full color. Hail Brittania!

T&F Software Co.
10902 Riverside Dr.
No. Hollywood, CA 91602
(213) 501-5845
16K -- cassette -- $29.95
16K -- diskette -- $34.95

With the advent of Checkease!, overdraft notices and bank statements may soon become archaic documents. This comprehensive checkbook-management system is similar to those used by banking institutions. It maintains, edits, and reconciles records of one or more accounts, and also functions as a budgeting and tax-record tool.

(data storage system)
Walling Co. P.O. Box 2694
Cave Creek, AZ 85377
(602) 838-1277
cartridge - $99.95

APROM is a very sophisticated program development tool. A cartridge for the right slot of the Atari 800, it functions nominally as an EPROM programmer for 2764 (8K) and 27128 (16K) EPROMS. Extra functions include program controlled block switching and, with the APROM operating system, you can store various machine language programs the APROM and execute them with a two-key command.

(printing buffer)
Interactive Structures, Inc.
146 Montgomery Ave.
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(215) 667-1713
32K -- $299.00
64K -- $349.00
128K -- $445.00

Said to be the only printing buffer on the market with a random-access mode, Shufflebuffer enables the user to enter combinations of data, text, and graphics. Material also can be rearranged in any order for printing, plotting and telephone transmission.