Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 1 / APRIL 1983


Tronix, Inc.
701 W. Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90301
(213) 671-8440

One of the fastest video games Kid Grid, is designed specifically to take full advantage of the ATARI's great graphic, sound and color capabilities.

The Kid darts around a grid, attempting to connect all the dots. In hot pursuit are four bullies--Squashface, Thuggy, Muggy and Moose--if they catch the Kid, the results are explosive.

David Bohlke
192 North Linn Drive
Coggon, Iowa 52218
(319) 435-2031

A machine language program that compiles a subset of ATARI BASIC, this program was designed mainly as a graphics game compiler. Using ATACOMP you will be able to write, run and debug BASIC programs without switching any disk files.

(automotive diagnostic)
High Tech. Software
9910 U.S. 395 North
Reno, Nevada 89506
Information (702) 972-3659
Orders only (800) 648-4780
Toll Free / 24 hours / 7 days
16K Cassette
$22.95 (includes shipping)

Get your ailing car or light truck running. You will learn from it. All you need is a BASIC cartridge and some common tools. Three programs chained together produce actual engine sounds to diagnose the problem. Then steps are offered for correction.

Artworx Software
150 North Main St.
Fairport, NY 14450
(800) 828-6573
40K Diskette
$34.95 (master)
$24.95 (data disk)

Play strip poker against either female or male opponents (stipulate which data disk you want), and enjoy realistic payoffs as you win. Graphics "stretch computer's resolution to the max" according to the Worx.

(memory expansion board)
Mosaic Electronics, Inc.
P.O. Box 708
Oregon City, OR 97045

This plug-in memory board for the ATARI 800 expands total usable RAM memory to 64K, of which 52K is continuous and the remaining 12K is blank-selectable in 4K groupings. The board accommodates any 8K ROM addressing requirements without interfering with the bank-select system.

(video monitor output)
P.O. Box 565
Metuchen, NJ 08840
(800) 835-5465

This is a plug-in video monitor output module for the ATARI 400. No soldering is required. It uses a standard RCA phono plug and is compatible with most monitors, including the BMC 12.

Bit 3 Computer Corp.
8120 Penn Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55431
(612) 881-6955

Any two RS232 plugs of either gender can be connected with this device; and any of the pins cross-connected, if desired, by sliders on the ten-by-ten matrix. Nine LEDs report status of connected wires.

(word processor)
Broderbund Software
1938 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 456-6424
48K Diskette

The first truly home-oriented word processing system, Bank Street Writer was heavily tested among students and young adults, and is designed to be easy for the whole family. Every function and command is fully and clearly prompted on screen. Many powerful features are included. Bank Street Writer requires a disk drive and 48K RAM, and comes with a special tutorial.