Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 1, NO. 4 / OCTOBER 1982

Speed Demon
A slick way to circumvent player/missile programming

by John Magdziarz

SPEED DEMON! is a one-player car-racing game using a joystick in Port One. You are given a high-performance stock car which leaks oil every now and then. At the start your car is warming up at the gate waiting for the count down. In the text window you see a prompt for the skill level you wish. There are two levels, and pressing '1' starts you at the beginners level. Pressing '2' starts you at the pro level, in which your car has a severe oil leak. Once the count reaches zero, "Yer Off!" Your objective is to lap the entire course three times in as little time as possible.

Avoid hitting the bales of hay that line the entire course, or the oil slicks, left behind by your car. These cause your car to spin out. You can only resume driving when your car has regained traction.

To restart the game, press [START] and get ready to burn rubber!!

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