Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 1, NO. 4 / OCTOBER 1982

In the Public Domain

by Stan Ockers

Lick up the blinking bugs.

You may be a Prince at heart, but in this game you are only a hungry Frog, sitting in the middle of a Dismal Swamp. Swarms of blinking bugs fly by. Use the joystick and firebutton to stick out your tongue and catch them. But don't let them sting you, their bite is fatal! Your score is related to the number of bugs you eat before getting stung.

There are two levels of difficulty in this game, and paddle controllers will work instead of the joystick. There are several special touches too, including a Vertical Blank Interrupt routine that makes the bugs blink on and off.

Frog was first published in the A.C.E. newsletter of Eugene, Oregon. We would like to thank Stan Ockers for an excellent program and Mike Dunn, editor of the A.C.E newsletter, for permission to reprint.