Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 1, NO. 4 / OCTOBER 1982


Wlth our fourth issue now history and the long wait for subscription fulfillment accomplished, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you something of our goals and editorial direction.

Since our first issue was released back in April, we've tripled the number of copies printed and doubled the number of pages. Obviously, ANTTC is rapidly establishing it's place at the side of your computers. Our paid circulation suggests we are the most widely read independent magazine for the ATARI owner, and we thank you for your confidence and support. We have had the opportunity to discuss ATARI with users world wide. Your dedication and enthusiasm reinforces the notion that we are active participants in a discovery that rivals the appearance of fire or the wheel.

Active participants need information, accurate and up-to-date. Being long-time residents of the "silicon valley" area has provided us important professional and personal contacts which help bring you this information. Atari corporate headquarters is right down the road, and of course we try to bring you a look inside whenever possible.

Most of our writers are well-qualified old hands at the ATARI. Some are authors of significant pieces of commercial software, like Jerry White. Jerry will now be serving as our Technical Consultant, expect listings to improve and bugs to diminish. Carl Evans, president of Vervan Software, will be bringing you a new department, Tape Topics. You can expect more articles for the beginner. Watch for a new series by Bob Albrecht, starting next issue. Linda Schreiber will continue to provide excellent examples of teaching games. We also expect to print excerpts from her new graphics book published by Tab Books. I should also mention the excellent quality of work we are getting from our new users. For those of you who would like to write for ANTIC, but don't know where to begin, send for our new Author's Guide.

We continue looking for new ideas and encourage your participation in our magazine. I / O Board is very important in this regard. We appreciate your criticisms, and while your favorite ideas may not see print, I assure you we give serious consideration to all. Expect continued improvement in our design and art and perhaps some surprises here too. We encourage any artists or cartoonists to consider ANTIC.

The ATARI community is growing fast. ATARI is the number-one selling home computer, and sales show no sign of slacking. I predict there will be half a million ATARI computers in homes by the end of 1983. I would like to think that each ATARI owner can benefit from ANTIC, we are The ATARI Resource. In fact my attitude is if you own an ATARI then you should be reading ANTIC. Spread the word--see you next issue.

Jim Capparell