Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 1, NO. 3 / AUGUST 1982

New Products

ATMASD (macro-assembler)
Manufactured by:
53 Redrock Lane
Pomona, CA 91766
(714) 632-8314
Price: $89.00

ATMASD means ATARI MacroAssembler, Disk version. This is a software tool from ELCOMP that combines the abilities of several of its products into a masterful whole. The product is meant for use in Assembly Language programming, and essentially provides a way to move about in the program, see what has been done, examine registers and memory locations, make specific changes; and when ready, compile the completed program.

Some tool of this kind is necessary for machine language programming. ATMASD includes a machine language monitor (available separately as ATMONA-1 for $19.95), and an assembly language editor (available separately as ATAS for $49.95).

Manufactured by:
LJK Enterprises
P.O. Box 10827
St. Louis, MO 63129
(314) 846-6124
Price: $99.95

This data base program for the ATARI 400 or 800 requires 32K RAM. It is compatible with LJK's "Letter Perfect" word processor program and drives' any parallel printer.

DATA PERFECT ATARI is written in machine language, so is very compact, and eliminates disk-swapping. It is menudriven, but allows the user to design his own screen mask. Multiple searches and sorts are possible. Output includes reports (lists) and labels. Mathematical operations, including formulas, can be performed on or between fields. A complete disk utility section is included, and the program will support one or tsvo disk drives.

Manufactured by:
High Technology Software, Inc.
2201 N.E. 63rd
P.O. Box i4665
Oklahoma City, OK 73113
(405) 478-2105
Price: $100 (each)
Diskette only

These programs simulate chemistry experiments that can be used with a group, or individually. They are designed by a chemistry professor, and are interactive with the student(s).

Chem Lab 1 simulates acid-base titration and the determination of Avogadro's Number. Chem Lab 3 demonstrates calorimetry, including Hess's law, and realistically animates calorimetric experiments. Chem Lab 4 covers thermodynamics, and illustrates heat changes in vaporization and the thermodynamics of an equilibrium reaction. Chem Lab 2 (gas law) is not currently available for the ATARI.

These programs require 40K RAM.

Manufactured by: The Leading Edge
8642A Spicewood
Springs Rd., No. 532
P.o. Box 10998
Austin, TX 78766
(512) 258-3828
Price: $1,150.00

This system expands the ATARI 800 into a professional software development tool with much faster data-to-disk transfer time than the standard 810 drive procedures.

The minimum system includes a boxy expansion unit that replaces the 800's lid, a single/double density diskene drive, and connectors. The expansion unit adds six slots to the 800. It comes with a "motherboard," disk drive controller, and operating system T-Card.

Data transfer time is increased up to seven times normal, significantly reducing "waiting-time" for busy programmers. It can also be used for fast duplication of diskeKes by driving a chain of up to eight drives ($375 each); or serve as a word processing disk conversion system.

It is fully compatible with existing ATARI software, and no modifications of ATARI DOS are required. Expansion boards for the new slots include EPROM burners (2716 or 2732), RS-232 Serial Interface, and a Centronics Interface ($99 each). The burners can be used with any 800 without the system.

Manufactured by: BRAM Inc.
18779 Kenlake M. NE
Seattle WA 98155
(206) 644-3425

You have just been revived from four years of stasis. The brutal machine race called Tartillians have already destroyed their humanoid creators and have sworn the destruction of all humanoid forms. As you board your gravitron drive attack ship, you cling to the hope that it is not too late to save Earth. The Tartillians await below . . . on EP-CYG-4.

This unique new game from BRAM requires 24K disk version, 16K casseKe version. There are 3 different missions to choose from on the disk, and 2 on the cassette.

Manufactured by:
L&S Computerware
1585 Fraser Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 738-3416
Price: $49.95

This program generates crossword puzzles. You provide the words and defihitionS, it connects them and designs the format. Somewhere between a game and a tool, Crossword Magic should be educational as well as fun. Puzzles can be generated around any theme (eg. ATARI) in any matrix from 3X3 to 20X20.

It requires the ATARI 800 with 40K and a disk drive, and will print out on most graphics-capable printers. A version for the ATARI 400 is in the works.

Manufactured by:
VERVAN Software
10072 Balsa Street
Cucamonga, CA 91730
Price: varies, see below
Media: varies, see below

Six utilities for the ATARI 400 and 800 indude: CASDUP (copies any ATARI cassette), cassette only, $20.00, CASDIS (converts cassette to diskette), diskette only, $25.00; DISDUP (duplicates "difficult" disks), diskette only, $25.00; VARMAP (lists BASIC variables with line numbers), cassette or disk, $25.00; LINMAP (lists BASIC line numbers with all referenced lines), cassette or disk, $25.00; FULMAP (VARMAP + LINMAP + indirect addressing list), cassette or disk, $40.00.

MICROPERS (payroll/personnel program)
Manufactured by:
Compumax Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 7239
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Price: $200
Diskette (two drives required)

MICROPERS is a business program that keeps complete personnel files, calculates pay, prints checks, fills out W-2 forms, and produces useful reports. Two drives and an ATARI 800 with 48K RAM are required. A printer is needed for hard copy products.

MICROPERS is designed for use under California law, but can be adapted to other states (or foreign countries) by a competent BASIC programmer. It keeps records for each employee, including employment history, salary or wage, and accumulated deductions. It calculates the payroll, figures Federal and state tax withholdings, social security deductions, disability insurance, miscellaneous deductions, and gross/net pay. Reports generated include the quarterly "941" report, labor costs by job, and an overall labor recap report. It is menu-driven and provides security levels to safeguard information.