Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 1, NO. 3 / AUGUST 1982

I/O Board


I have had my ATARI for 32 days. I studied the BAStC manual and have started to program, but WOW, do I need help! There are zillions of books on Apple and TRS-80, but they don't relate to ATARI. When I ask store clerks, they type something quickly and VOILA!, it works. But I don't know what they typed.

I've seen articles in other magazines about the ATARI, but there's a big gap between them and where I'm at. Everyone writes about machine language. I tried a few lines in my computer, and all I got were ERROR messages.

I believe that someone who doesn't know anything about computers should write a series of articles in ANTIC. As they learn, they can pass their new knowledge on to others.

My family has had a lot of fun with Chicken. It was the first program I typed from a magazine that worked perfectly as written! Here's a money order for a subscription. If you sell lifetime subscriptions, I want one.

B.B. Storey
Ontario, CA

We hear you loud and clear. Beginners are our lifeblood. Follow Starting Line, and watch for other helpful pieces. -ANTIC ED


The first thing we did with our new ATARI 800 was to type in Chicken from ANTIC #1. It took two days, taking turns with my kids, to get it all in straight, but finally it worked! Using the BREAK key to stop it, though, causes the whole system to lock-up (wide vertical lines). What's going on?

Daley Myers
Worthington, OH

The vertical lines are the Player/Missile graphics out of synch. Press System/Reset and everything should be ready to go again.ANTIC ED


Your article on modems (ANTIC #2) was not clear on this point: can all information and program from utilities like CompuServe be saved to disks and cassettes, or must the user keep the line open to receive?

Dan Miller Greensboro, N.C.

Downloading is software dependent. The hardware is capable, within memory and speed limitations. Check chart in ANTIC #2, page 13, for more info.-ANTIC ED


As an ATARI owner for over two years, I congratulate you on your first issue.

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and presentation. I was excited to find a FORTH column (since I've decided I despise BASIC for large program development). I typed in Chicken, and was amazed that it worked, and was even entertaining! In fact, all your listings were clear, easy to read, and accurate. That is no mean feat.

Complaints, I have a few. Please don't split articles up into different parts of the magazine. It's easier to read from front to back. Also, while I think highly of ANTIC, I will not subscribe since I save no money that way. I'll buy at the store and skip any issues that look like "dogs." If there were a subscription advantage, I probably would subscribe.

Keep up the good work.

Charles McMath
Springfield, VA

We will try to 'jump" fewer articles, but there are many considerations. Our price is fair, we think, for the value. A subscription assures you get your magazine regularly. Who knows, your dealer might sell out. Thanks for the encouragement.-ANTIC ED


In the June ANTIC, James Howard of Austin, TX, asked about RTTY and the ATARI. My call for 30 years has been K2BSM, and I'll pass on what I learned at the Dayton convention last April.

Kantronics, of Lawrence, KS, makes an "interface" and software to send and receive RTTY and CW using the ATARI 400 or 800 and a ham xceiver. I bought one ($250) and it works like a charm.

So good, in fact, I replaced my 400 with an 800 so I can type faster. I'm 72 years young, and bought the 400 to play with. Now it's excess. Anybody want it?

A. Kruhm, K2BSM
Flushing, N.Y.

Delighted to start reader exchange with K2BSM. Feel free to respond to I/O Board items. We will try to accommodate.ŅANTIC ED


Your game programs are good, but the typing errors I make are not much fun. "Softside" formats their listings narrower, to match the screen. When you publish the checksum program, please include the tables for Chicken and Death Star.

A table of variables, with related functions, would be appreciated. I liked Stan Ocker's "Game Programming," especially the flowchart. All of this helps us LEARN programming.

How do you disable the "end of line" buzzer?

Dan Howlett
Concord, CA

We are experimenting with narrow formatting and agree it is useful. The checksum program, TYPO, appears this issue. Both games run if entered exactly as listed. Variable tables will be sought from authors of listings, but no promises. The EOL buzzer is there as a warning. Anyone know how to disable tt? -ANTIC ED