Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 1, NO. 3 / AUGUST 1982

In The Public Domain
Pac Invaders

by Vince Scott

PAC INVADERS combines familiar characters from PAC-MAN and the scenario of SPACE INVADERS. You need 16K and a joystick and then lots of practice. Vince makes good use of re-defined characters set graphics. The action is relatively fast and the response time good (remember this is a BASIC program). This game could be customized into your very own version of a very popular arcade game. Let us know what you do with it!



[from Volume 1, Number 4]

The game PAC-INVADERS published in this department in Issue #3, was the original work of Sheldon Leemon and not Vince Scott as we indicated. Mr. Leemon's version, titled Outer Space Attack, appeared in Softside Magazine, March 1982.

Mr. Leemon is the author of INSTEDIT, a character editor program from APX as well as an upcoming CTIA tutorial from Educational Software.

Softside is a monthly magazine featuring information and programsfor users of Apple, TRS-80 and ATARI computers.

We apologize to all concerned for any misrepresentation or confusion.