Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 1, NO. 2 / JUNE 1982

When The Chips Are Down

The new Revision B Operating System was released in January. To determine if your machine has the version B type in this BASIC instruction.

if result = 56 then you have Revision A
if result = 0 then you have Revision B

If you have difficulty loading from and saving to cassette try using LIST "C:" and ENTER "C:" commands instead of CLOAD and CSAVE. LIST and ENTER use a slower baud rate which is often more successful. Also prior to executing a CSAVE remember to type LPRINT. This will generate an error and initialize some internal register locations. Ignore the error and procede as usual with CSAVE.

The new disk drives require more power, approximately 3 MA. The older disk drives required the same power supply as the console, 1.5 MA. Look on the bottom of the transformers in the right hand column of printing to determine which is which. The more powerful, required by the disk drives, show a 31 VA. The console power supply as well as the older drives show 15 VA. Try not to mix them up, this could cause erratic speed problems with the new disk drives.

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