Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 6 / FEBRUARY/MARCH 1991

The First Annual
Creativity Contest

Sponsored by ISD Marketing Inc.

Mario Georgiou, ISD Staff Artist
Geoffrey Earle, General Manager of Atari Canada
Thomas R. Byron, Editor, START Magazine
Julianne Ososke, Creative Services Director, Antic Publishing

First Prize: $1,500 worth of Compugraphic fonts
The Jitney by Robert Gillies

Second Prize: Atari Megafile 44
The Gunth by Richard Sherman

Third Prize: 50 hours tree time on GEnie
Friday by Theresa McMahon

Fourth Prize: 50 hours free time on CompuServe
First Night by Dave Webber

Honorable Mention: F16 by Rolf Berger
Berger is a value-added reseller of Calamus for JSD Marketing. Even though he was not so employed at the time of the contest, ISD has agreed that his entry is withdrawn. However, in the opinion of the judges, Berger's F16 deserves recognition.