Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 3 / NOVEMBER 1990




Thrills and Chills

Data East presents Drakkhen, a 3D, real-time, role-playing adventure set in medieval times, with dragons and damsels in distress. Bethesda Softworks (now affiliated with Novagen Software) has finally released the sequel to Mercenary, Damocles, a 3D, intergalactic, role-playing adventure that requires the best of your detective skills and sense of humor. Drakkhen, $59.95. Data East, 1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 951259 (408) 286-7080. Damocles, $44.95. Bethesda Softworks, 15235 Shady Grove Road, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 208509 (301) 926-8300.

Niche Corner

Penatech (Power Electronics Network Analysis Technologies) has carved a space in their software line for electrical engineers. If you're an analog circuit designer involved in network analysis and control systems, check out The Bode Plotter. The highlight of the program is the option to obtain semi-log gain and phase response plots of s-domain expressions in high-order systems. The Bode Plotter, $149. Penatech, 16058-B English Oaks Ave., Bowie, MD 20716,(301) 249-0496.

Where's The Error At?

Put away your red pencil; Phil Comeau Software presents The GramSlam. Grammar Checker. GramSlam checks documents for common grammatical errors, wordy phrases and misused words. It reports your problem phrase in context, describes the problem and offers alternatives. Used in conjunction with a spell checker, GramSlam could be your ticket to impeccable papers. The GramSlam Grammar Checker, $15. Phil Comeau Software, 43 Rueter St., Nepean, Ontario K2J 3Z9, Canada.

Upgrade Update

Owners of the sophisticated database Sales-Pro, from Hi-Tech Advisers, have even more flexibility in Sales-Pro 5.25. The new version features additional transaction applications as well as more elaborate printing options. Version 5.25 also includes the new bar-code accessory #3. The Sales-Pro series retails from $99 (for the standard program) to $599 (for the muscular Super Sales-Pro). Registered owners should contact Hi-Tech for upgrade info. Hi-Tech Advisers, P.O. Box 7524, Winter Haven, FL 33883-7524, (800) 882-4310 (U.S.), (813) 294-1885 (Canada).

Musicians Take Note

Passport Designs has just released two new products for the ST. Trax is an entry-level, 64-track, personal recording studio on disk. The program is geared for beginners, with options to add music, sound effects and sampled dialogue to presentations. Based on the award-winning Master Tracks Pro, Encore is a remarkably intelligent program that gives you fast, intuitive techniques for entering music. It transcribes and prints scores, parts and lead sheets on any Postscript compatible laser or lino printer.

Passport is also publishing MIDI records, commercial recordings converted to data song files. The files can be loaded into any MIDI sequencing program, synthesizer or controller and edited. The first MIDI Records Catalog lists over 300 MIDI records in nine different categories, from Ellington's "Take the A Train" to special packs like "Abbey Road."

Prices for MIDI records vary. The catalog is free. Trax, $99.95. Encore, $595. Passport Designs, 625 Miramontes St., Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, (800) 443-3210.

Opcode Systems has entered the Atari world with their first ST product, E-mu Proteus Editor/ Librarian, which includes a Preset Editor, a Master Parameter Editor, a Program Map Editor and a Tuning Editor. The program's patch librarian lets you store and organize thousands of sounds on one disk. E-mu Proteus Editor/Librarian, $149. Opcode Systems, 3641 Haven, Suite A, Menlo Park, CA 94025-1010, (415) 369-8131.