Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 3 / NOVEMBER 1990


(entertainment software)
Change In Heat
1218 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94301
$22-95, 64K disk, joystick required

Get three games for the price of one with Ponderings About Max's (P.A.M.) from Change In Heat. Arcade-style action fills the 8-bit screen, with a rock-'em-sock-'em barroom brawl complete with flying bottles and smashed chairs, with you duking it out against a tough bunch of stuntmen. Or run and jump your way past the strange creatures and obstacles that fill the ladder mazes and puzzles of "The Dream" and "PAM."

(small business software)
Chameleon Software
1013 Marvern Drive East
Chambersburg, PA 17201
(717) 267-0904
$14-95, 64K disk

The first of many planned interactive modules, My Fingertip Business includes the following built-in forms: Conditional Sales Agreement, Indemnity Agreement, Limited Power of Attorney, Notice of Overdue Account, and more. The "fill in the blanks" design makes forms easy to use. The included full-featured invoicing program includes automatic subtotals, grand totals, extension totaling, a monthly invoice total, complete printouts and other useful options. You even get an "Inspirational Quote of the Day," a screen clock, DOS functions, and a HELP option.

To help you get the most from your system, three different formats are available: non-RAMdisk, 64K RAMdisk or extended RAMdisk. Not copy-protected, the program is compatible with the 600XL, 65XE, 130XE or XEGS with a minimum 64K RAM.

(paint program)
MAPDA - USA Branch
c/o Steve Hoffee
333 Peninsula Dr.
Lake Almanor, CA 96137
(916) 596-4159
($20, disk)

ESCALPAINT, a new paint program from the Munich Atari XL/ XE PD-Association (MAPDA) of Germany is being sold through a U.S. branch of the club. Demo disks are available, several demonstrating art ported from the Amiga and then touched up for the 8-bit Atari with ESCALPAINT.

Written by MAPDA member Volker Eloesser, this impressive program lets 8-bit users create art with both delicate greyscale shading plus 256 colors - chosen from a potential palette of 25,456 colors. (Some users may have already earlier versions of the program or demo disks using the name DIGIPAINT. The disks were circulated before MAPDA became aware of a conflict with an existing Amiga paint program, Digi-Paint from NewTek.)

The public domain demo disks are available from the MAPDA ($3 each for shipping and handling), or may be available from your local users group. The ESCALPAINT program can be purchased through MAPDA U.S.A. for $20.

In addition to ESCALPAINT demo disks, MAPDA produces a bi-monthly magazine on disk ($5 per issue). Each issue includes art, reviews, programs and articles on programming - the January 1990 issue began an Assembly Language tutorial. The magazine is produced in both German and American editions. Current English-language editions have suffered a bit in translation, but arrangements have been made for better and, faster translations, thanks to the help of German-speaking members of ABACUS, the Atari Bay Area Computer Users Society.

(utilities/game aid)
Creative Software Systems
8715 ValleyView #3
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
48K disk

From Creative Software Systems comes a set of useful utilities designed to work in both single and enhanced density. The Sleuth ($17.95) disk utility package features a sector editor, file copier, two sector copiers, a directory function that lets you sort files, and an undelete option. For assembly language programmers, the CSS Disassembler ($8.95) will disassemble M/L programs from memory, disk file or a specified sector. PowerMenu ($6.95) lets you access the Lock, Unlock, Delete, Rename and Format commands of DOS from one easy-to-use, menu-driven shell. A combined set of all three utilities is available for only $25.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling. (For single copies add $2.50 each for shipping.)

For fans of the adventure game Ultima IV, Ultimapper ($5.95) provides complete maps to all of the towns, castles, villages, dungeons and even the world of Ultima IV (Requires an Epson-compatible printer and Ultima IV.) Or, for $7 (includes shipping and handling), fans can get a complete set of laser-printed maps. A demo disk of all four programs is available for $3.