Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 3 / NOVEMBER 1990



In late 1989, Larry Flynt Publications announced that it would merge its two computer magazines - ST Logfor the ST, and Analogfor the 8-bit - into one huge Atari resource. A month later, LFP pulled the plug on both, bringing an era to a close and leaving START as the dominant player in the domestic market.


LFP's sudden decision also left thousands of subscribers in a lurch. Loyal readers were given few options: they could either receive a refund or subscribe to another Atari magazine. Many opted for the refund, but many more opted for the magazine. That magazine, by the way, was START.

How It Works

For Analog Subscribers

Disk Version: You'll receive two non-disk versions of START for every Analogyou have left in your subscription. Example: If you have five Analogscoming to you, expect to see 10 STARTs.

Non-Disk Version: You'll receive one disk version of START for every issue of Analogleft in your subscription.

For ST Log Subscribers

Disk Version: You'll receive one disk version of START for every ST Logleft in your subscription.

Non-Disk: You'll receive one disk version of START for every two ST Logsyou had left in your subscription. Example: If you were expecting 10 non-disk versions of ST Log, expect to receive five disk versions of START.

To all former ST Logand Analogsubscribers now joining us, welcome. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Stephen Mortimer, START contributing editor and long-time news hound, is moving onto other projects, not the least of which is college. At 18, Steve already has a world of journalistic and technical experience behind him, having been the main force behind our "News, Notes and Quotes," and the defunct ST Application'snews section before that. Good luck, Steve, and thanks for everything.

A Reminder

Beginning with the January 1991 issue, the START disk will be straight double-sided. Please keep this in mind if you only have a single-sided drive.

For those of you in the market for a new disk drive, check out START's comparison of five double-sided drives in our next issue.

START Editor