Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 2 / OCTOBER 1990


97 Antic Trivia Machine
       by Marc Lombardo
       Challenge yourself with our
       questions, or challenge friends
       with yours!

99 Kung Fu Master
       by German Gonzalez
       Take on the huge warrior Tattoo
       in a fight to the death

100 The Physics
     of Motion

        by Charles Clark
        How to program realistic-
        looking movements

104 Inside Antic
     Music Processor

        by Steven Lashower
        with Pravin Wagh
        Do-it-yourself music
        programming--all about
        AMP file structure

109 Software Library
        Easy-to-type 8-bit listings



START actually began inside Antic as the ST Resource section, so it somehow seems fitting that Antic goes back into START--and all the different Atari computers are being covered in one larger monthly magazine again.

For every issue left on your existing Antic six-times-yearly disk subscription, you will now get twomonthly issues of START without a disk.

Tom Byron's START editorial explained most the changes that spontaneously came together to make us decide to skip a summer issue of both START and Antic--resuming publication with this October START that begins including Antic as a monthly separate section for the XE/XL/800 Ataris. However, our biggest logistic job during this hiatus was to begin adding the thousands of former Analog and ST/Log subscribers who have chosen to finish their subscriptions with Antic and START. Most of these additional Analog subscribers will begin receiving their new START/Antic magazines with the next issue.

Low-Cost ST

Times change quickly in the computer world. Already Atari has quietly stopped manufacturing 8-bit computers, largely because of falling costs for the 520ST. As one Atari executive told us privately, "For $399 we're selling a mass-market 520ST that works with your television set, includes good starter software, and connects to standard peripherals. Why would anybody spend just about the same amount of money for a new 130XE computer plus an XF551 disk drive?"

Yet for many of us, our Atari XE/XL/800 computers still do everything we need and we have no reason to spend hundreds of dollars for a newer system (such as a bare-bones PC clone) which might be inferior in key areas such as graphics, sound and programming ease. That's why there's still some need for Antic, and we remain here to serve you 8-bit Atarians to the best of our resources.

Nat Friedland
Editor, Antic