Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 9 / APRIL 1990



The START disk has now been double-sided for six issues--enough time to gauge whether or not you like it. Well, we found out.


The idea of a double-sided START disk has always been appealing, because we found that we could give double-sided drive owners more, and do so without leaving single-sided drive owners behind. Overall costs to us were minimal, so the price of the magazine wasn't affected. We thought you'd love it.

Then the letters came. Before the double-sided format, START routinely received "damaged" disks for replacement. The problems ranged from bad file sectors to a physically bent disk. The percentage of damage was significantly low.

With the November issue, however, your letters began to pour in. Some of you were delighted, some of you were outraged but too many of you returned your disk for replacement. This wasn't just one or two isolated cases. And all of your troubles with the disk were individual and varied, so it was difficult to pinpoint the problem and resolve it.

One thing, however, was clear: the Heidi-formatted, double-sided disk was indirect and confusing. Something had to be done.

That Something

This is the last issue that will include the format. This does not mean that the START is abandoning the double-sided concept. We want to give you the most we can, but obviously, we need to make it accessible. So, we're currently (and feverishly) searching for a replacement.

This Month

What exactly is a "word processor" and why do you need one? This month's cover story answers that question and gives you an idea what to look for in a good word processor and what's available for the ST.

This issue sees a revival of two columns that deserve reviving: "European Report" with Don Maple reporting from West Germany, and "Getting Started," the column designed especially for the ST novice.

On disk is a special bonus: Antic Software's PHA$AR version 3.0. This is perhaps the most popular home-accounting package ever developed for the ST. We think you'll appreciate its power to keep your personal finances organized and on track.

START Editor