Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 9 / APRIL 1990

Dialog Box

Hates Heidi Format

I do not like your new [double-sided] system. I find the instructions to be excessive and hard to follow. The reason you give for not using both sides of a disk in the normal way is not convincing. I hope for your sakes I am of a small minority.

David Brandon
Scarborough, Ontario

You are part of a small minority, but one that is very important to us. So, due to the difficulties you and others have encountered with the Heidi format, we are discontinuing it next issue. Since many of our readers enjoy the double-sided disk, we're investigating ways to retain it in a different format.--START Editor

Graphics Guides

What books would you suggest on the following subjects:
1) 3D graphics, shading and raytracing;
2) Programming in GFA BASIC 3.07;
3) Atari Mega internals.

David Poole
Modesto, California

1) In START Special Issue Number One, Matt Loveless recommends Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics by David F. Rogers; Applied Concepts in Microcomputer Graphics by Bruce A. Artwick; and Geometric Modeling by Michael J. Mortenson. Abacus Software publishes a book called Atari ST Graphics & Sound. Also call the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Graphics (ACMSIGGRAPH). Eugene Miya heads the San Francisco Bay Area chapter, (415) 694-6453. A university math/computer science library is another resource.

2) In the March 1989 issue of START, Contributing Editor David Plotkin recommends Programming with GFA BASIC 3.0 and Concepts in Programming. Both are intermediate level books available from Antic Software, 1-800-234-7001.

3) The folks who best know the Mega internals work for Atari. Call Atari Customer Service representative Dan McNamee at (408) 745-2000 ext. 2004 and ask what documentation is available.--START Editor

Small TT-ools

When can we expect a full test drive of the TT 030/2? I gather most ST programs will work, but how about accessories? Mail one of the gadgets to Dave Small and let him take it apart and install things and use blowtorches and jackhammers on it the way he does so well. Then let us know how that puppy performs in relation to the ST.

Larry E. Palm
San Francisco, California

Good idea. We'll do it as soon as possible, which depends upon Atari building and shipping TTs. They are supposedly available to developers (like Dave Small), but the last person we talked to has been waiting six weeks for his machine.--START Editor

Ticker Tape Delay

I am writing out of concern for Atari's market stability. Can you print stock market reports for the month? You could compare Atari shares to those of other leading computer manufacturers so we readers will know what we're up against.

Frankie Seto
Calgary, Alberta

Any stock market quotations we run would be out of date. Our production schedule is three months ahead of the publication date of the magazine. For example, this reply is being written in the first week of January. If you're interested in following Atari share prices, check the American Stock Exchange listings published daily in the business section of most major newspapers.--START Editor

Let's Hear It For Imagen

Recently, I purchased UltraScript. When I received the package I found out (real fast) that there was a bug that prevented the program from loading: two bombs and back to the Desktop. A call to Imagen resulted in the replacement of the disk via Federal Express Next Day Air at no charge. I even received a call the next day from one of their customer support technicians (are you reading this Vicki?) to make sure that it was working properly and ask if I had any further questions.

All that I can say is that this is what makes a first-rate company. Let's hear it for Imagen.

Mark LaCroix
Barre, Massachusetts

We're always happy to recognize an outstanding effort.--START Editor

I Want My RGB

I have an Atari 520ST computer that I would like to hook up to an analog Tandy RGB Color Monitor CM-8. Can it be done, and if so, where can I get the necessary cables and connectors?

Bob Kemether
Brick, New Jersey

START Contributing Editor David Plotkin, who has more hardware at home than we have in the office, says it can't be done. The two devices aren't synchronized. You might be better off buying a used Atari monitor.--START Editor

Viva L'Atari

Several weeks ago I joined the Atari Revolution. This movement was launched by Donald A Thomas, Jr., President of Artisan Software. The movement's purpose is to make the public more aware and desirous of Atari computers. To do this, Mr. Thomas has developed suggested weekly activities to be implemented by Revolutionaries.

I, for one, am glad someone has grabbed the bull's horns in an attempt to make Americans aware that Atari is not just some game machine. Of course, Atari Corp. should have made this effort. Their competitors (i.e. Apple) spend millions making the case for their equipment. If the movement is successful, Atari Corp. will pay more attention to their American market, establishing more dealerships, producing more machines, and advertising extensively and effectively.

Please throw your support to the Revolution.

Robert Hochwalt
North Canton, OH

START magazine is very aware of the Revolution and wishes the movement success. Any campaign that works toward a greater exposure of the power and versatility of Atari hardware can do nothing but good.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the Revolution may write to Artisan Software, P. O. Box 3213, Fontana. CA 92334.--START Editor.


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