Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 8 / MARCH 1990



To the computer industry, change is endemic. New technology replaces old practically overnight, and it's hard to say if a product is ever truly finished. To some, this is a sign of unsettledness; to me it's a sign of the dynamic nature of the computer, one that constantly improves upon itself.

If you've been following START magazine for the past five years, you know of the tremendous changes it has gone through in that time. The most recent of those changes comes with the departure of Andrew Reese as editor. Throughout his two-year tenure, Andy maintained START's high standard of success. As the new editor, I plan to continue that standard.

Since joining START as assistant editor in 1988, I have had the opportunity to become more closely involved with the ST community. I hope to bring the knowledge I've gained to my new position.

What the future holds for the ST is up to Atari. As to what the future holds for START, that's up to me and you. Let me know what you like or don't like about START, it's your magazine, you make it happen. Of course, one thing definitely won't change: START is and will continue to be your number one guide to the Atari ST.

This Month
What a way to debut! This is START's annual graphics issue and we've cooked up a special treat for you: Tom Hudson's CAD 3-D v. 1.0. This powerful graphics program is probably one of the most popular software packages ever to appear on the ST and shows you what your computer can really do. I'm glad we could put it on the START disk, and I think you'll be glad we did, too.

Damaged Disks
A reminder: if you subscribe to START and your disk arrives to you damaged, please return it to us and we'll gladly replace it for you. Just call (619) 485-7754. We'll verify that you're a subscriber and ship a replacement to you within a day.

If you bought START at the newsstand and your disk is damaged, send the disk to START Customer Service, 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, for a replacement.

START Editor