Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 7 / FEBRUARY 1990

Products Update

Compiled by Marta Deike

Birds of twisted feathers not only flock together
in Lucasfilm's Maniac Mansion, but kidnap pret-
ty young cheerleaders for bizarre brain experi-
ments. It'll take a certain kind of mind to maneu-
ver through this psycho chamber and rescue Sandy.

New Games for the ST

LucasFilm's comedy-thriller adventure, Maniac Mansion, is now available on the ST. A demented scientist named Dr. Fred has kidnapped Sandy, the ever-popular cheerleader, and is holding her in his psychopathically populated mansion, preparing her for brain surgery. As student Dave, you and your two cohorts must save the damsel in distress. Your cohorts can be any two out of seven eccentric characters, each with distinctive talents. There are 450 objects to discover, over 50 bizarrely detailed rooms and five different ways to win. Maniac Mansion, $49.95. Lucasfilm Games, P.O. Box 10307, San Rafael, CA 94912, (800) 782-7927.

Now you can play a role in British history with Broderbund's latest strategy adventure, Joan of Arc: Siege & Sword. As Charles VII, your goal is to drive out the English and unite your country. You have 20 regal acts to choose from such as raising armies, sending out spies and ordering executions. The fate of Joan depends on your choices (unfortunately, history repeats itself even on your ST and in 1432, Joan burns anyway). But more than an adventure game, Joan of Arc is an interactive history lesson, taking you through 73 locales and five richly developed action sequences all the way to 1456. Joan of Arc, $44.95. Broderbund, 17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903-2101, (415) 492-3200.

Here's your chance to be king for a day. Unfor-
tunately, it's 1432 France and the fate of Joan
of Arc depends on your regal wisdom. See if
you can change history in the new adventure
from Broderbund.

Next in the line of scenic adventures in flight, SubLOGIC books you on a Hawaiian Odyssey. Explore the tropical islands as they are recreated on your ST with dazzling detail. You can fly through downtown Honolulu and Pearl Harbor or into the volcanic crater at Mauna Loa. Also from SubLOGIC, Scenery Disk #9 has been released for the ST. This version takes you over Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati. To use a scenery disk, you must have either Flight Simulator II or Jet. Hawaiian Odyssey, $29.95; Scenery Disk #9, $29.95. SubLOGIC, 713 Edgebrook Drive, Champaign, IL 61820, (217) 359-8482.

You've been wrongfully convicted and exiled to a dead planet in Prison, Actionware's new strategy game. Your only chance for survival is in the one escape pod that remains intact but is lost somewhere in the wreckage of a pleasure craft. Unfortunately, criminal gangs are seeking it, too. Prison, $39.95. Actionware, 38 W. 255 Deerpath Road, Batavia, IL 60510, (312) 879-8998.

MicroProse has released Pirates, a dramatic role-playing/fantasy adventure. Aboard a 17th century sailing ship, you'll cruise the Caribbean and relive the yo-ho-ho days of ship hattles, land conquests, plundering, fencing, rescuing and romancing. There are more than 70 different scenes all of which promise historical and geographic accuracy. Pirates, $39.95. MicroProse, 120 Lakefront Drive, Hunt Valley, MD 21030, (301) 771-1151.

Plotting a Critical Path

Project-management software is finally available for the ST and Mega! Whether you're building book-shelves or publishing a book, a plan of action is crucial, but now you can shred those cryptic hand-written lists and charts. Critical Path, by Schwane Software, is a scheduling tool that guides you through large projects one step at a time. Simply describe your project. Critical Path then outlines and prioritizes your steps and plots the speediest possible route--the "critical path"--toward accomplishment. Critical Path, $59.95. Schwane Software, 1615 S. Magnolia Avenue, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, (918) 252-3003.

A Musical Library

Personal Database Applications announces the release of its Personal Music Librarian, a comprehensive music-collection management system for the ST. This professional-quality program will help you organize your recorded-and-sheetmusic collection and increase your enjoyment of both. The Personal Music Librarian will handle all types of music and data retrieval is fast and flexible. The number of records you can store is limited only to the amount of disk space. Personal Music Librarian, $55. Personal Database Applications, 2634 Meadow Bend Ct., Duluth, GA 30136-6037, (404) 242-0887.

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