Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 7 / FEBRUARY 1990


It's a new decade, a new year--and time for a new team at START. This is my last issue as Editor. I will be joining several old friends to develop software for, well, how can I say this gracefully--blue computers. It's not a lack of faith in Atari's future that prompts this change, but a combination of a wonderful career opportunity and more time with my family.

Needless to say, I'm sad about leaving all of my friends at Antic Publishing and in the Atari community. But I feel comfortable leaving the reins of START in the hands of Tom Byron, who has served well as Associate Editor of START. Tom has been with the company for more than three years and its ready, willing and able to take over START.

I won't be leaving the Atari world, however. Tom has asked me to take on the position of Graphics Editor for START and I'm happy to accept. So you'll still see me around the pages of START in the future.

Our outstanding Programs Editor, Heidi Brumbaugh, has also left START to pursue her own career opportunities. She will be missed, especially by all of START's program authors who knew Heidi as that determined and knowledgeable voice on the phone requesting bug fixes and copyright notices. START was very fortunate to find a superb replacement for Heidi. Amy Johnson is a programmer and journalist who adds a new dimension to the START staff.

We're also saddened to report the death of long-time Atarian John Anderson. His work for Creative Computing, Computer Shopper and the Atari Explorer was beyond excellent. His death occurred during the Loma Prieta earthquake last October 17th. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

Many people have called to ask how we at START weathered the earthquake. Let me reassure you: despite the antique appearance of Antic Publishing's three-story brick building in San Francisco, we suffered not a crack, broken window or crashed hard disk. Although several of our staff lost their homes, everyone came through the quake in fine physical shape.

One last loss to report: the powers that be at LFP Publishing, who published Analog and ST-Log, have decided to pull the plug on their combined all-Atari magazine. We're sorry to see another Atari magazine leave the field, especially one with the history of Analog. All our best to Lee Pappas, Clay Walnum and the gang.

As to the health of START, no worries! Everything looks good from here: Ad pages are up (the lifeblood of any magazine), circulation is up, subscriptions are up--everything's set for a great new decade. You don't have to worry about START!

Thanks to Publisher Jim Capparell, Associate Publisher John Taggart and all of the staff at START for their support over the last two years.


START Editor