Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 7 / FEBRUARY 1990

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Keyboard Detachment

Is it possible to upgrade my 1040ST to the Mega standard? I love the detached keyboard of the Mega and think it's more functional that the all-in-one-box 1040.

Charles Burrell
Logan, OH

While we've heard of successful hardware hacks to add a detached keyboard to an ST, there is no such commercial product available in the United States. If you 'd like to pursue such modifications, check on CompuServe, GEnie or BIX for specific suggestions. As with all hardware modifications, if you open your ST's case within the warranty period, it will definitely void the warranty.--START Editor.

ST Writer Bug

I'm having problems with ST Writer Elite 3.0 (START, April 1989). On at least three occasions--and after about 30 minutes of typing--I've been unable to save a file. As soon as I press [Esc], the cursor is gone and the keyboard locks.

Has anyone else experienced this frustration?

Paul R. Hochstetler
South Bend, Indiana

A number of readers--and several members of the START staff--have experienced this bug. The problem is that the cursor gets "stuck" at the top of the screen. To return to the main menu, simply jiggle the mouse a little and the problem's solved. ST Writer guru Bruce Noonan is aware of the bug and has fixed it in the latest version (3.4) which will run in the April 1990 issue of START.--START Editor

Heidi Format a Hit

I hope everyone at START came through the earthquake without being harmed.

The Heidi format is a good idea. I personally do not have a double-sided drive and almost didn't buy the November issue because the accompanying disk was double-sided. But after glancing through the magazine, I realized there would be programs on Side 1 that even my drive would read.

I am having one problem, however. Final Approach Controller won't run on my ST. Everything else is fine. How do I get this program to run?

Michael L. Myers
Marysville, California

The building that START is in weathered the quake without a crack, though some Antic Publishing employees did lose their homes. Our thanks to you and everyone else who expressed their concern following this disaster. Also, thank you for your praise of START's new doublesided format--it's turned out to be well worth the effort.

As for Final Approach Controller--we goofed! It appears that the program will not run on a 520ST (see the Alert Box in this issue). Our apologies for the inconvenience.--START Editor.

Found: One Accelerator Board

Your recent review of accelerators in the December 1989 issue came at a good time. I have been thinking about getting an accelerator board or even a blitter chip, and well, I just didn't know what to buy. After reading your article though, all that has changed. I now know what it is that I need and I didn't even have to waste $100 or more on something that will just sit idle. Thanks for the very helpful information and keep up the good work.

One other thing: I would like to know how to go about reviewing software that becomes available for the ST.

Michael F. Irwin, Jr.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dave Small put a lot of work into his piece on accelerators for the ST and we think he did a great job. We're glad you think so, too.

To review products for START; just write to Author Guidelines, START Magazine, 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. These guidelines will give you an excellent idea of what we're looking for.--START Editor.

Desperately Seeking...

There were a number of items listed in your Softguide (October 1989) that I am very interested in, especially from B.E.S.T. Software & Equal Plus Software. However, you gave no addresses that I could locate for the companies listed.

Ken Sullivan
Waco, TX

The purpose of Softguide was to give an "at-a-glance" overview of products in a particular category. To do further research, your public library is an excellent source. One phone call to the reference desk will produce the following: Equal Plus Software, P.O. Box 160626, Austin, TX 78716; B.E.S.T Software, 115255.W. DurhamRd., Tigard, OR 97224. Both these addresses are available from "The Software Directory," published by R.R. Bowker. --START Editor

  Alert Box

Fleet Street Publisher Mix Up

In the September 1989 issue, START published a review of Fleet Street Publisher 3.0. The article was based on a preview of the program offered to us by George Miller of MichTron. The program was running as we described at the April 1989 "World of Atari" show in Anaheim, California. The article was intended to coincide with actual release of the program. After the issue went to press, Michtron made substantial changes to FSP 3.0. In a recent phone conversation with George Miller, we were told that the final version of FSP 3.0 will rival Calamus or Calamus Plus. When START obtains a distribution copy of the program, we'll let you know more.

CoverUps not Coverup

The P.S. Computer CoverUps described in Products Update (START, October 1989) have no connection to Computer Coverup, Inc. of Chicago. P.S. Computer CoverUps is located in Metamora, Michigan.

Final Approach Faux Pas

In the article that accompanied Kevin Mason's Final Approach Controller (START, November 1989), we failed to mention that the game requires one megabyte of memory. Our apologies for this oversight.


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