Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 5 / DECEMBER 1989


How do you like the new START disk format? Were proud that we're now able to bring you more on a single START disk than you've ever received from any ST magazine before. But that's not all that's happening here.

This issue, we've reorganized START to make it even easier for you to find the programs, features and columns you're looking for. All features are now at the front of the magazine and the programs on your START disk are collected into a special "On Disk" section just after the Disk Instructions. We hope you'll like the new layout let us know what you think.

If you like the new START double disk and easy Menu Program and enjoy the outstanding programs we bring you on every disk, why not subscribe to START? Not only will you save money every month, you'll also be sure to receive the Number One Magazine for the Atari ST - and for the Mega, TT, STACY and ATW!

This issue, we bring you a sneak preview of the new Atari TT and STE computers first shown in August in Dusseldorf, West Germany. The TT030 and its bigger sibling are the first Atari computers with the power of Motorola's 68030 microprocessor. Together with the evolutionary STE, the TTs form the heart of the Atari line for 1990 and beyond. Be sure to check out this article for the latest specs.

Ever used UNIX? No? Well, if you've heard of it or want to learn something about the operating system lurking in Atari's future, be sure to read A Small Tour of UNIX by START's inimitable Contributing Editor Dave Small, beginning in this issue.

Almost everyone wants to have the fastest machine on the block, whether it has four wheels or four megabytes. For our Feature Review this issue, we asked Dave Small to pit three new ST acclerator boards and two software accelerators against one another. We think you'll find the results useful and fascinating. They're in The QueST for Speed.

On this issue's START disk, you'll find a fascinating mix of programs. For GFA programmers, we have GFA Companion Version 2.03 that helps you create code-ready custom GEM dialog boxes. Yes, it's the original program previously sold by MichTron - worth the price of the magazine all by itself!

For the gamers, we have two solid programs: ATTACK! is Ron Schaefer's customizeable Defender-like game with smooth scrolling and lots of neat little touches. But if arcade isn't your thing, try the Word Puzzle Designer and create simple or complex word-finding puzzles in virtually any shape -and from your own word list.

There's always more in any issue of START than I can possibly talk about in the Editorial and this issue is no exception. Just take a close look at the Table of Contents and the Disk Contents ... and then plan on spending the next few hours with us!

START Editor