Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 5 / DECEMBER 1989

Dialog Box

Seeking the Seekshard
In the September 1989 issue, you included a very interesting adventure called Avecta I: Ebora. I have a problem with it. To activate the teleport spell you must have in your possession a "seekshard". Where can I find a "seekshard"? I have looked everywhere I can think of but yet I can't find one. Help!
Ronnie Harper
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you give Wethwicker's All the World's Spells (which is hidden in the orcs' cavern) to Leveth he will give you a seekshard. You will receive a clue to Leveth 's whereabouts if you are generous in your tip to the bartender at the Red Lion Inn. -START Editor

No Exit, Stage Left
I'd like to compliment you on the fabulous delivery of Avecta I: Ebora. It's the best magazine game I've ever played. There is, however, a problem that I'm not sure is supposed to be there. The problem is that in the orc dungeon in the room where the ghosts appear saying, "Our gold! You will not have it!", the door I went in disappears and a new one appears on the left side of the screen. But when I try to exit the door on the left, it says that there is no exit where the door is. I can see the door on the screen and I can examine it, but I can't exit through it or rook/ snoop it. I've tried thief, destroy, reveal, search, and prism on it without success. Is the disk defective or is this supposed to happen. If so, any suggestions?
Henry Chiu
Visalia, California

You can teleport out of this room if you have a seekshard; however exploring this room is not necessary to winning the game.-START Editor

Cyber Paint Music

I have a question about Cyber Paint 2.0. Can music and sound files be incorporated into it? Also, can Cyber Paint 2.0 animations be recorded to a VCR without buying anything additional like Cyber VCR?
Vic Wyant
Yorktown, IN

To add sound to your Cyber Paint animations, use Jim Kent's Audio Visual Sequencer (AVS) from the November 1988 issue of START. If you have a 52OSTFM model with an RF modulator that lets you use your computer with a TV, you can record this output onto a VCR; the better solution is to use Practical Solutions' Video Key that provides good quality composite video. If you have a Mega, JRI's GenLock is the best solution-but at the highest cost. -START Editor

More Boxes
Just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciated the boxes (on program versions and how to upgrade) included in the article on programming languages in the August 1989 issue. This was very useful and I encourage you to do it in similar articles in the future.
Ruth Coy
Laurel, Maryland

Thanks. We'll try to include this information in allfuture overviews. -START Editor.
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