Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 4 / NOVEMBER 1989

Products Update

New ST Software and Hardware


New Games from Sierra On-Line

Sierra-Online is bringing back the action and excitement of role-playing games. From the highest rampart of Camelot, to the Holy Land, across storm tossed seas, Conquests of Camelot will take you in search of the Holy Grail, a search determining your will, your faith and your physical prowess. Holding true to the mythical Celtic legend, all of your favorites are here with graphics and sound that bring new life to a tale often told: King Arthur, Gwenhyver, Sir Launcelot and Merlin, who knows all. Wield Excaliber, the sword of Kings, as you journey to find the lost Grail.

herosquest.jpg A magical ad-
venture awaits
you in Sierra
Hero's Quest.
Requires a
color system.

A magical land of good and evil awaits you high in the majestic Alps in Sierra's new fantasy/role-playing game Hero's Quest. In it, you must use magic and daring to outwit the brigands who have kidnapped the Baron's daughter. Save her and bring the hoodlums to justice and you'll earn the title "Hero" as one of your rewards--but that's just the beginning for you in Hero's Quest.

Computer owners the world over know Leisure Suit Larry, the lovable nerd and world-class lounge lizard created by designer Al Lowe. Now get ready for Larry's female counterpart: the promiscuous Passionate Patty! In Leisure Suit Larry III, players switch roles between Larry and Patty in a gender-bending adventure that is bound to cause controversy.

Conquests of Camelot, $59.95 Hero's Quest, $59.95 Leisure Suit Larry III, $59.95 Sierra On-Line Inc., P.O. Box 485, Coarsegold, CA 93614, (209) 683-4468.

Beat Box and Back Trak from Alpha Systems

Alpha Systems presents a whole new concept in digital sound with Beat Box, a polyphonic pattern builder, drum machine and song construction kit rolled into one! Beat Box makes it easy for anyone to create exciting, sophisticated beat patterns from ordinary digitized sound files. It lets you combine and arrange up to 30 different patterns to build a complete musical composition. Best of all, Beat Box plays in four voices through your monitor speaker or digitizer hardware. Beat Box fully supports Digisound ST, Digisound Professional, ST Replay and Navarone (Hippo) Sound Digitizers.

Alpha Systems' new Back Trak gives ST users more for less. Double-sided drives are now standard equipment on all STs, but software companies continue to churn out programs on single-sided disks. While this may be peachy for those who still own SS drives, for the rest of us it means wasting 50 percent of our disk's capacity. And with blank disks costing up to $5 each, you waste money every time you purchase or back up a software program. Back Trak lets you access the back side of these single-sided to double your storage capacity. Back Track lets you boot off the front or back side of the disk--and lets you select drive A or B as a boot drive.

Beat Box, $29.95; Back Trak, $29.95. Alpha Systems, 1012 Skyland Drive, Macedonia, OH 44056, (216) 467-5665.

Origin-al Simulations

For the "space flight experience of a lifetime" Origin introduces Space Rogue, a realistic 3D space-flight simulation that incorporates the principles of Newtonian physics. Players are immersed in a fierce struggle for galactic control in this one-of-a-kind adventure. Space Rogue orbits you into the history, culture and economics of the "far arm" of deep space.

Strive to design future's ultimate military cybertank in Origin's Omega, a strategic simulation program in which you are a cybernetic engineer for the Organization of Strategic Intelligence. Your mission is to integrate chassis components and create artificial intelligence in an attempt to build the world's supreme cybertank.

Space Rogue, $49.95. Omega, $49.95. Origin, 136 Harvey Road, Building B, Londonderry, NH 03053, (603) 644-3360.

spacerogue.jpg Origin Systems
gives you the
''space flight
experience of a
Lifetime'' in
Space Rogue,
a realistic 3D
Requires a
color system.

GenWave/16: New Sound on the ST

A universal stereo waveform editor from Interval Music Systems is available for the first time on the ST! With GenWave/16, an update to the popular GenWave Waveform Editor, sound samples can be edited in either the frequency or time-domain through an extremely intuitive user interface.

Frequency editing functions include digital equalization, high-order sample rate conversion and pitch drawing. Time editing functions include visual looping, waveform drawing, mouse-drawn digital enveloping and stereo planning, waveform replication, gain normalization, phase inversion, mixing, cut-and-paste and five different cross-fade loop algorithms.

GenWave/16 will convert waveforms for porting to a Sequential Prophet VS. It is also 16-bit-file compatible with GenWave/12. GenWave, $349 (includes GenWave/16 and GenWave/12). Interval Music Systems, 12077 Wilshire Blvd., #515, Los Angeles, CA 90025, (213) 478-3956.

Text Editors for ST Programmers: EditST, Tempus II

Finally, one text editor that will transpose to anyprogramming language. EditST is a powerful text editor specifically designed to turn raw source code into a professionally polished program in minutes. EditST may be operated as a stand-alone program or be executed from within many program environments. And you'll find your program time stream-lined because EditST allows full use of all GEM features including the mouse, windows, pull-down menus, function keys and desk accessories. With EditST you're in command! EditST, (call for price). DCS Enterprises, 5951 East 30th Street, Tucson, AZ 85711 (602) 571-0767.

Tempus, the popular text editor formerly distributed by Eidersoft USA, has been upgraded and released by MichTron as Tempus II. The original version was particularly acclaimed for its speed and its sequel is even faster. Tempus II was designed as a program editor, but still includes a simple word-processing mode. Other important features in Tempus II are an UNDO command, a macro recording facility, the ability to execute a program from within itself and an auto save feature. Tempus II, $79.95. MichTron, 576 South Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48053, (313) 334-5700.

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