Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 4 / NOVEMBER 1989

Disk Contents

RezRender . . . page 30

Ray Trace Your World!

Programs on Side 1 of Your START Disk

Cyber Addicts, beware! A new realm of CAD-3D object manipulation awaits you! RezRender, by Richard Parker and Phillip Burgess, renders and ray traces 3D objects from CAD-3D, including Phong and Gouraud shading and super-dithering. Watch for future Cyber Corner installments as the authors of this impressive program explain how RezRender does its stuff. File REZRENDR.ARC; runs in low resolution.

If you'd rather play at simulations than battle aliens or lurk in dungeons, START's Final Approach Controller by Kevin Mason has you covered. As an air traffic controller, you must monitor your radar screen constantly, handle takeoffs, landings and through traffic while avoiding midair collisions and steering your targets away from storms. File APPROACH.ARC; runs in low resolution.

You're never too young to start computing, and now even toddlers and babies can enjoy the family ST with Julia, the buttonless drawing program by Phil Comeau. No menus, no icons--just move the mouse for fun graphics and sound. File JULIA.ARC; runs in any resolution.

Delmar Searls has outdone himself for this issue's "Programming in True BASIC" column. The graphics demo accompanying his article uses one window for graphics and one to describe exactly how the True BASIC code works. File GRAFDEMO.ARC; runs in any resolution.

Final Approach Controller . . . Page 60
Julia . . . Page 57
Programming in True BASIC . Page 86


Side Two

Programs on Side 2 of Your START Disk

With its debut of a double-sided disk, START reinforces its commitment to bring you top programs from the best programmers so that you can get the most out of your ST.

To run any of the programs on Side 2 of this month's START disk, you'll need a double-sided disk drive. Then just follow the Disk Instructions on page 64.

Top ST programmer Jim Kent, best known for Antic Software's Cyber Paint, developed Ani ST (formerly Aegis Animator ST) a few years ago as a computer animation tool. When this program was first introduced, it was heralded by the ST community. Matt Loveless, in his review in the June 1987 issue of Antic, praised the Animator, stating that "full-scale high-level computer animation has finally arrived for the Atari." Ani ST lets you animate objects fast and easy by doing all the tweening (the in-between parts) for you. The ARC'ed file contains the program and documentation. Ani ST is shareware and can be freely distributed--the author asks for nothing more than a smile. Runs in low resolution only.

Last issue we presented to you James Robinson's Schedule Maker, an outstanding time-management program that helps you keep track of your hectic schedule. Now, START makes Schedule Maker's source code available to all programmers and would-be programmers. The program is very large and was written in Alcyon C with some final touches done in Mark Williams C. Schedule Maker runs on both color and monochrome systems.

Also on Side 2 is CITYSCAP.SEQ, an animation created using RezRender's Tweening function. It's in the file CITYSCAP.ARC along with ANIMAT3.PRG, the Public Domain animation display program from Antic Software.

To produce Cityscape, we loaded the 3D file into RezRender, set the Tweening controls to move the camera nine degrees per frame and then used Phong shading to render each scene. After RezRender had worked its magic, we loaded the resulting .PI1 pictures into Cyber Paint, added a color border to adjust the file size to the space available on the disk and saved the set of pictures as a .SEQ file. The result is an animation that shows off some of the shading and dithering abilities of RezRender. Requires a color monitor.


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