Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 3 / OCTOBER 1989

Products Update

New ST Software and Hardware


DTP Newsletter for ST Users
A newsletter for ST desktop publishers has been produced by E&L Productions. Its bimonthly and covers topics such as new desktop publishing packages, publication design and layout and hints and tips for the DTP user. In addition to helpful information, the newsletter will serve as a forum for Atari desktop publishers to make their opinions known and express their thoughts in this growing and exciting field. Subscriptions, $9.95/year. E&L Productions, 27 Cedar Hill, Sumter, SC 29154, (803) 494-2201.

ST Spreadsheets Expand: LDW Power Version 1.10
LDW Power has taken yet another leap forward. Version 1.10 of Logical Design Works' powerful spreadsheet, not only lets you write DEGAS files, but offers virtually unlimited graphing points. The new version has more fonts, printer drivers and print functions. It is also now compatible with large-screen monitors. Even the file transferability to and from Lotus 1-2-3 has been improved. Registered users can upgrade by sending the original disk(s) along with $15 to Logical Design Works. LDW Power Version 1.10, $149.95. Logical Design Works, 780 Montague Expressway, #403, San Jose, CA 95131, (408) 435-1445.

Based on the latest James Bond movie, Licence to Kill is Broderbund's new graphic adventure You're Agent 007, fighting on land, sea and through the air, striking out to bring down a drug lord. Enhanced with colorful animation, the game includes all the exciting Bond stunts-pilot helicopters in pursuit of planes and jeeps, swim with sharks, dodge bullets, water ski with a harpoon gun and chase oil tankers in a crop duster. It's screen after screen of hot action, a veritable license to thrill. Licence to Kill, $29.95. That's Bund, Broderbund, 17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903-2101, (415) 492-3200.

James Bond was never so slick. You are the famous agent
pursuing the ruthless drug lord in Broderbund's new graphics
adventure, Licence to Kill.

Arkanoid II-the Story Continues
If you ever played the hit arcade thriller Arkanoid, chances are you couldn't stop you were hooked. Well get ready, Arkanoid fans, because Taito has just released Arkanoid II -The Revenge of Doh, which promises to be an even bigger hit than its predecessor.

Arkanoid II is set in hostile outer space, where the evil force Doh lurks in the mammoth alien spaceship Zarg, threatening the entire intergalactic order. To destroy Doh, one or two players controlling the Vaus II spacecraft must attempt to penetrate the ship and destroy 67 bamers by deflecting multiple energy balls. Watch out for surprises! Arkanoid II, $29.95. Taito, 267 W. Esplanade, Suite 206, N. Vancouver BC, Canada V7M 1A5, (604) 984-3344.

Computer Cover-Ups
Protect your 520ST or 1040ST against smoke, dust, dirt and other nasty particles with Computer Cover-Ups. The coverings fabric blend allows air to circulate, reducing the chance of heat or moisture buildup. Cover-Ups are custom made for ST systems and come in eight different colors and four designs, such as animal imprints, embroidered initials or silk screened logos. Computer Cover-Ups range from $5.53 (for an ST keyboard) to $22.43 (for an ST keyboard, monitor and disk drive). P.S. Computer Cover-Ups, 3359 Dryden Road, Metamora, MI 48455 (313) 796-2334.

P.S. Computer Cover-Ups provide protection for your
valuable equipment. The cloth fabric is completely washable.

VCR Hard-Drive Backup for the ST
If you've ever lost all the data on your hard disk, you know the importance of backing it up. On the other hand, you know the amount of time the backup process takes. Seymor/Radix has developed a hard drive backup system called DVT that lets you back up your hard drive with your VCR and store up to 360 megabytes of data on a standard videotape DVT stores at a rate of eight megabytes per minute and no special cables are needed. DVT VCR Backup System, $249.95. Seymor/Radix, P.O. Box 166055, Irving, TX 75016, (214) 823-5797.

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