Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 3 / OCTOBER 1989

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Letters From Our Readers

Wants A-Calc Tax Templates
I was disappointed to see that your annual tax templates were only published for Lotus 1-2-3 compatible spreadsheets. Last year they were also published for A-Calc Prime. I purchased A-Calc Prime mainly to do my taxes since my limited need for a spreadsheet does not justify investing in an expensive program. I also notice that "Doing Spreadsheets On The ST" (June 1989) only covers 1-2-3 compatibles. I'm sure that there are other ST users with limited spreadsheet needs. Please don't forget us.

Ron Ritzman
Marietta, Georgia

We stopped providing spreadsheets on the START disk in A-Calc Prime format because this product is no longer being distributed in Unites States. There are so many spreadsheet formats it is difficult to support them all; however, we will take your point into consideration in planning future spreadsheet columns. All START readers should keep in mind that we don't know which products you want us to support unless you tell us! -  START Editor

Just in Case
Thanks for continuing to put lots of very useful material in your magazine. I use my Mega 2 mostly for MIDI, desktop publishing and education and I appreciate having one source that keeps me up to date on the ST.

I have two simple questions: First, does anyone make a carrying case for the Mega? I have seen wonderful cases for the Macintosh that are light, compact and very protective. As a musician and educator, I have to transport my Mega 2 wherever I go, and I end up packing and unpacking the computer in its original cartons. If someone could design and produce a carrying case I believe there would be quite a few people, especially musicians who would be eager to buy one.

Second, I know that with a Macintosh emulator the ST can run Hypercard, but is there any chance of something comparable to Hypercard appearing for the ST itself? I'll keep my fingers crossed!

David K. Aimone
Scotia, NY

To answer your first question, check with the Calzone Case Company (225 Black Rock Ave., Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605, (800) 243-5152.)

As to your second question: so far the closest thing to Apple's HyperCard on the ST is Quickview's Zoomrachs. START does, however, plan to take an in-depth look at HyperCard in a future "Mac & PC on the ST" column - START Editor

Recommended Reading
The ST is not my first computer and START is not the first computer magazine I have ever read, but those were my mistakes. Now I have the computer supported by the magazine. Keep up the good work!

Now, can you recommend a good resource for novice ST users?

Mervyn Swaine
Hantsport, NS

Besides START magazine, of course, the single best resource for the novice ST owner is, appropriately, The Atari ST Book, by Ralph C. Turner Ron Luks reviewed the book in our May 1989 issue. - START Editor
Alert Box
In the August issue, we identified Mindscape's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in Products Update as having been derived from a Sega arcade game. In fact, its arcade source was by Atari Games. Also, the correct telephone number for Mindscape is (312) 480-7667, and the Barman game is published by Data East, as correctly stated in the text, and not by Mindscape, as stated in the caption.

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