Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 2 / SEPTEMBER 1989

Disk Contents

Step Into the World of Adventure!
This issues lead program, Avecta I: Ebora, is a full-fledged graphics adventure game by Mark Swanson. It's controlled completely with the mouse, so you don't have to worry about the computer's vocabulary as you get to the business at hand. When you run Avecta, you'll search from the town of Kilkaney to deep in the orcs' cavern for the lost Prince Eirik as you try to solve the puzzle of the mage Leveth's mysterious condition. Files AVECTA.ARC and AVECTDATARC; runs in low resolution.

If Avecta doesn't keep you busy, or graphics adventure games aren't your style, we've got two other games on the disk for you this month.

Cinko, by professional games programmer Michael Gilbert, has its roots in several oriental strategy games. Win this challenging game by placing five stones in a row- or by capturing seven pairs of your opponent's stones. Play against the computer or a friend for hours of fun. File CINKO.ARC; runs in low resolution.

For a twist, try Michael Allen's program Seven Skulls. The object of this game is to turn all seven skulls so they are all right-side-up - the catch? You can only turn skulls in sets of three! File SKULLS.ARC; runs in low resolution.

Arcade game action got you down? Set your own pace with William Schneider's Newspeed! This terminate and stay-resident program actually lets you slow down your computer so that you can catch up to your favorite game. Yes, Virginia, there really is a level 33 to Arkanoid. File NEWSPEED.ARC; runs in any resolution.

Once you've used Newspeed to slow down Slither (January 1989 START) so you can actually finish the game, it's time to make some new levels. Use Thomas Burglin's Slither Screen Editor to edit up to 10 sets of 30 levels at once. File SSEDT.ARC; runs in any resolution.

Finally, START presents our new Programming in Modula-2 column. This issue, Carolyn Rogers introduces Modula-2 and compares the language to BASIC, C and Pascal by showing you versions of a sort demo in four different languages. File SORTDEMO.ARC; runs in any resolution.