Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 11 / JUNE 1990

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Double-Sided Format Supporters Speak Out
No! Do not discontinue the Heidi format! You really have not given it a chance to sink in. Initially, I had problems with it too, but I learned to follow directions and everything worked out fine. Changing hack again will just create more confusion.
Ed Glemhotski
San Luis Obispo, CA

I'm sorry to see you drop the Heidi format. It worked just fine and gave us an opportunity for valuable additional programs and data. The instructions were too complicated, but I think that was the only problem.
Col. Jack Mathews
Falls Church, VA

Many factors contributed to the double-sided format's demise. The decision to discontinue it was a hard one to make and we too were sorry to see it go. However, we are currently looking at some viable alternatives and will keep you updated as to our progress.-START Editor

Way To Go, Earl!
Kudos to Earl Toman for Word Puzzle Designer (START, December 1989). What a great educational program! I've used this for my son's spelling words. We load in all his spelling units and then print two or three patterns of the week's words. He takes the puzzles to school and his teacher copies them for all the spelling classes on that unit. Thanks.
Jayne Johnston
Kingsport, TN

Arkanoid II Exists
I just read in the April issue that Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh was not going to be released for the ST. This really surprised me, especially since I've been playing it for almost a year on my ST. Revenge of Doh is available in the Precious Metal package from Ocean Software, which also contains Super Hang-On, Captain Blood and Xenon. I've seen the Precious Metal package in several mail-order ads. I purchased mine from BRE Software for $34.95.
Matt Brady
Visalia, CA

Thanks for the information, but some clarification is in order. Taito is the official North American distributor for such games as Arkanoid and Bubble Bobble. As we reported in April 1990 "News, Notes & Quotes", Taito of America has ceased development on the ST. The copy you found is a European import. - START Editor.

Wanted: One Buyer's Guide
One of the most useful issues you ever published was the START Buyer's Guide (Special Issue Number One). It's been two years without a sequel. The Softguide programs are helpful, but they're not the same as a Buyer's guide. I want to know (in more detail than Softguide) what's currently available and what's not (i.e., are DEGAS Elite and Abacus books and programs still retailing?). Please, another buyer's guide.
David Finkelstein
Philadelphia, PA

START has a special ST buyer 's guide in the works tentatively scheduled to be released in the latter part of this year. As to your specific questions, Electronics Arts has discontinued DEGAS Elite from their product line. Abacus is still going strong. Their most recent release was The Complete Guide to the Atari Portfolio. The address and phone number for Abacus is 5370 52nd Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, 800/451-4319. - START Editor.

I only recently discovered START and I'm very impressed. You have dispelled any doubts I had in the Atari system. I hadn't realized there were so many ST programs available. However, I cannot find a word processor that meets my needs. I want to write books and academic papers so I need a word processor with features such as footnotes and margin settings. Any suggestions?
John Perry
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In the April 1990 issue of START, Dan Fruchey wrote an extensive buyer's guide to word processors that we think you'll find helpful in making your decision. Most ST word processors let you set margins. At this time, only WordPerfect, 1st Word Plus and Word Up handle footnotes. - START Editor
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