Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 4 NO. 11 / JUNE 1990


CAD-3D Confusion
Several people complained that they could not use the files they created with CAD-3D version 1.0 in the CAD-3D Animator, nor use the .HI and .LO example files which came on disk (March 1990). The problem is that the animator is looking for some extra files.

CAD-3D saves objects in files with the extender .3D. In order to use ANIMATE.PRG, you also must create a .DLT and a .PIx file. Low resolution results in a PI1 file; high resolution results in a PI3 file. The .PIx file contains the first frame of your animation. The .DLT file catalogs the changes in the position of the camera and lights.

Within CAD-3D, put the first view of the object in the Camera screen and press [Alternate]-[R] to start recording. This creates the .PIx file. Now change the camera position to the next scene you want recorded, then press [Alternate]-[R] again. This begins placing subsequent views of your object in the .DLT file. Repeat this step until your animation is complete. Now you can go to the Animator.

Double-click on ANIMATE.PRG, choose Load from the File menu, then select the folder which contains your animation. It is best to place each animation in its own folder because the Animator automatically assumes that the first file with a .PIx extender is the one you want to run.

Unfortunately, the example files on the March disk are unusable. We apologize for any frustration you experienced.

PHA$AR Fuddle
PHA$AR version 3.0 (April 1990) does require a .CFG and a .REG file to run properly, but they contain data unique to your financial situation so you should create them yourself. No .CFG file was included on the disk; select Set User Preferences under the Setup menu to create one. The .REG file we put on the disk contains tutorial data; make a backup of it, then create your own by selecting Create New Register File under the Setup menu.

Which Way to the Revolution?
In the Dialog Box in the April 1990 issue we published the wrong address to write to for information about the Revolution. Address all queries to: Artisan Software, P.O. Box 849, Manteca, CA 95336. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.